Mindy Kaling Wants To Push The Envelope With The New Season Of The Mindy Project

Photo Credit:  John P. Fleenor/FOX
Photo Credit: John P. Fleenor/FOX

Mindy Kaling is looking to ‘push the envelope’ with The Mindy Project’s recent move to Hulu. After spending 3 years on network television, the comedy will now get a bit more freedom. I have to say I’m quite excited!

Just think back to this past season, TMP got away with airing an episode dedicated to backdoor play… and that’s while they were still on Fox! Just imagine the possibilities!

While promoting her upcoming book, Why Not Me?, at BookCon in New York City over the weekend, Kaling was quick to spill some deets on the upcoming season.

“Can we just be all sex and drugs? Matt [Warburton] and I are both smart writers but also repressed people. We decided we want people who tuned into the show to tune in for two reasons: because we’re doing things we couldn’t do on network TV, but also not giving up what people love.”

“…And so much of romance comes from restraint, and the things you don’t see… I always have to remind myself that a little goes a long way.”

It also looks like we’ll be getting some new characters this season! In addition to baby Castellano , Mindy will try to find a few more female friends. When I first saw this news I thought it was bit of a stretch, but then I realized we haven’t seen Mindy’s gal pals since season 1.

Lastly, the writers room is set to start up THIS WEEK! Could this possibly mean a late fall premiere date?! There is still no word on how the show will be released on Hulu. Will there be a new episode every week or a full season of your favorite Schulman and Associates doctors at your finger tips?

I’m hoping for a one every week format just because I have no self control. If we are gifted with a full season at once I may not leave my room for a week. So if you’re reading this Hulu, take note!

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