Michael B Jordan Gets His Flame On In Quick Clip For Fantastic Four

Credit: 20th Century Fox
Credit: 20th Century Fox

Fantastic Four is coming out in two shorts months. And I am getting definitely hyped up to see this take on the classic comic book characters.

The trailers are amazing. The cast looks fabulous. And I will forever and ever sing praises to the CGI work for Ben Grimm’s (Jamie Bell) Thing. Of course, anyone who knows me has heard, at length, about the real reason I am so amped for the film. Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm is definitely shaping up to make me fan myself and swoon.

And not because his character can burst into flames.

Well actually it’s because his character can burst into flames that I’m talking you all today.

The marketing for Fantastic Four has been interesting with official gifs and little sneak peeks posted on their Twitter account.

On Sunday (June 7th) two months before the due release of the film, a little Johnny Storm inspired quick clip was released. And it shows him get his flame on.

(Not that Michael B Jordan needs any help to get hotter. If you want know what I mean.)

It definitely looks suitably epic.

Everyone seems to amped to see the Four in action for realsies when we get the movie. It’s a relief from the frankly unwarranted backlash about the casting. I’m super excited at seeing Johnny’s classic “flame on” power in action. No matter where I can get it.

Of course all of this is just building hype for the film: simultaneously so close and so far away in August. I just need to see this reboot as soon as I can, you know? I can safely say this is the one thing that I am hyped for this summer.

Fantastic Four will come out August 7th in the US.

Bec Heim