Let’s Go Behind The Scenes Of THAT Tom Hiddleston Jaguar Commercial

Credit: Jaguar

Roll cameras! Jaguar has released a behind the scenes look at its latest commercial, along with an interview of its star, Tom Hiddleston. The incredibly popular campaign, “Good to be Bad” has seen the story unfold in, to-date, four part series. Now we get a little sneak peek into the shooting of the latest film style commercial released last month for the launch of the Jaguar XE.

In the video, Hiddleston tells us it’s thrilling to be back in his third film for the British car maker: “It’s amazing how many people have expressly told me how much they love the Jaguar campaign.” He went on to say, “I think people really enjoy it. The concept, the creative idea is one of the most sophisticated and entertaining… and they are just stunning cars.”

The “Good to be Bad” campaign has been lovingly embraced by fans of Hiddleston and the other British stars Nicholas Hoult, Mark Strong and Ben Kingsley – all famous for portraying incredible cinematic villains at one time or another.

The ads have been directed by Tom Hooper, who has a built an incredible career since graduating from Oxford University. He was in the chair for the 2003 revival of ITV’s Prime Suspect series, starring Helen Mirren. Hooper also directed the critically acclaimed historical drama The King’s Speech, starring Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. Hooper’s next film was Les Misérables, which featured an all-star cast led by Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe. Of the director, Hiddleston said he has “an incredible precision in the way he perceives his film, (to work with him) was a privilege.”

Hiddleston goes on to say, “I have had a very good time playing villains, let’s be honest. I grew up loving them in films myself. I grew up almost rooting for the bad guy!” He explained, “My character is taking over from Ben Kingsley as the Super Boss of The Operation, and it almost feels hubristic to take him on.”

In this video we get to see the work that goes into creating those incredible camera shots of the cars racing through the streets and tunnels of London, as well as just how they got that gorgeous black Jaguar to eat the bow tie – thanks to the magic of a green screen!

In the immortal words of the film, “A new plan, needs a new boss” and fans are more than happy Hiddleston is currently the new boss – but for how long I ask?

Here is the finished product for the XE Jaguar

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