Jurassic World’s Final Trailer Gets Intense With Indominus Rex

Credit: Universal Pictures
Credit: Universal Pictures

We are literally days away from a 22-year long over due visit to Isla Nublar and Jurassic World. Those geniuses at Universal know exactly how to get us even more stoked (if that was humanly possible) for the new film.

They’ve mercilessly teased us for months over the new dinosaur– Indominus Rex (personally not a fan of the name). They have finally delivered the best look at her yet in the film’s final trailer.

Other previews have only teased at this T-Rex hybrid, but this new one shows her in all of her wonderful glory. She is smart and scary. She is more dangerous than a mother Velociraptor on the search for her missing eggs. She will tear a bitch up. She can communicate with the other dinosaurs for one intense human/dino showdown with nearly 23 thousand visitors to the island in the middle of the chaos.

Who’s excited for Friday, hmm? I bet you will be after you watch this.

Colin Trevorrow recently spoke to Digital Spy about why he didn’t want to simply reboot the franchise and why this film will take the series’ creatively into a new direction.

“I didn’t feel a clean start was necessary,” he explained. “I think that the story Michael Crichton told was very well-designed and it actually helped to have had this technology around for 22 years.┬áIt allowed us to start at a place where we didn’t need to reintroduce it to the audience, we could get right into a story and part of the world we’re creating is one where no-one’s impressed by a dinosaur anymore.

He continued, “I feel like we were able to make a movie about excess, how we’re surrounded by miracles and we’ve become numb to them.”

And that is exactly how Indominus Rex was conceived by InGen and the Masrani Corporation. Though, I still say Henry Wu (BD Wong) should’ve known better from the first film.

Jurassic World comes out on Friday in the US.

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