It’s All About The “History Yet To Be Written” In The Orphan Black Season Finale

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Welcome to the last recap of Orphan Black season three, Clone Club! It has been one wild ride and the finale indeed kept us on that ride. Catch up on last week’s episode if you need to but if not, let’s all join hands and relive the insanity that was Saturday’s season finale!

Our group that was in London head back to hide out at some secret warehouse that Art has acquired. While this place seems to be safe for the time being, they all know that Castor is gunning for them and Kendall Malone. Though she is reluctant at first, thanks to Cosima being sweet and charming, Kendall gives her some blood so she can do science and heal herself.

Meanwhile at Dyad, Delphine meets up with Ferdinand after his little murder spree that he went on in London. He throws some threats at Delphine about him being the head honcho once he acquires Kendall Malone from them but Sarah shows up to tell him that will not be happening. She also reveals to him that she was playing Rachel when they first met and honestly, he seems very impressed. The two make a deal that he will get to draw blood from Kendall if he gets rid of Virginia Coady and Castor. Unfortunately, Rudy is out on a mission but Ferdinand is able to get Virginia into his custody. What happens to her after he gets her? That’s one of the many questions that will lead us into season four!

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At the Hendrix household, Donnie is about to help Alison with her final round of campaign appearances but before he leaves, he gives sweet, sweet Helena the gift of reuniting her with Jesse from Jesse’s Towing. It’s basically really cute because I love their friendship and I love that Helena is basically all in for Jesse. The two are about to get to the business in his truck but she once again has to leave in order to help her sestras. Sestras before mestras, Jesse.

The help that is required of her, of course, is to take care of Rudy. Alison and Donnie were well aware that they were being followed by him and led him into a trap with Helena. Once the two come face to face, Helena has her hands all taped with weapons for an old-fashioned prison fight. Rudy is already at a disadvantage because he’s starting to trip out like Seth did, so adding Helena into the mix basically was the death-blow. The two fight and as we all expected, Helena kicks his ass. As he lie on the floor, bleeding and spazzing out, the two talk about what it was like for them growing up. The two were basically imprisoned their entire lives and while they bond over that and he is their brother, Helena knows he’s bad news. She lays there with him as he seemingly drifts away. Is he dead? While we didn’t see him die, I can’t imagine Helena letting him live so I feel confident in saying that Rudy is gone.

Back at Dyad, Delphine is looking over Rachel’s charts and what not when she quickly discovers that the woman in front of her isn’t Rachel but it’s Krystal. This is when she realizes that Nealon has done something shady as hell and that Rachel is indeed alive. She is able to some how calm Krystal down once she wakes up and leaves her behind to interrogate Nealon.

During their interrogation, he reveals to Delphine that she basically has no idea what is going on and that Castor and Leda both are being ran from within by Neolutionists. That’s right! What a call back to season one! Just having her mind blown, Delphine is caught a bit off guard when Nealon jumps her and tries to make this disgusting, robotic worm go into her body. Luckily, Delphine was packing heat and is able to shoot him down but not before he tells her that basically everything is out of her control and she will not live through the night. Horrified yet determined, Delphine makes a call to Sarah, who is currently meeting with Ferdinand to give him Kendall Malone’s blood, and tells her that she can’t do it and instructs her to let Ferdinand know he’s being used and that Neolutionists are keeping Rachel hostage.

Once Sarah hears this, she relays all of that information to Ferdinand who doesn’t seem too surprised. While he’s talking to Sarah and his partner is taking blood from Kendall, Ferdinand grabs a baseball bat, shouts about how much he hates Neolution and smashes his ex-partners head in. From this point, Ferdinand starts going off about how they are everywhere and you cannot seems to shake them. He then instructs Sarah and Siobhan to hide Kendall Malone and proceeds to destroy the body of his ex-partner.
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He also makes a declaration of their newfound friendship. I really hope that this is something that’s going to happen because seeing Ferdinand hate Neolution so much was a beautiful sight to see.

After all of the drama surrounding Neolution, Castor and Coady and keeping everyone safe, the sestras and their friends sit down to have a lovely meal with each other and celebrate the fact that they are all family. Oh, and that Alison beat Marci Coates out for School Trustee! It’s so nice to see this entire family, especially with Mrs. S and Kendall, sitting with each other and feeling the love. This is my favorite television family, no question!

Since killing Nealon, Delphine made her way over to Shay’s to apologize for what she’s put her through. She tells her that she thinks her and Cosima are a good fit and if Cosima chooses to do so, she can inform Shay of everything that she’s been forced to hide so far. With that, she leaves and heads over to the family dinner and meets Cosima outside. Once she gets there, the two have a conversation that has needed to happen for sometime. Cosima FINALLY comes around and tells Delphine that she knows what she has done everything she’s done recently and she’s sorry for not understanding at the time and being mean to her. Delphine basically just looks at her with all the love in the world, kisses her and says what feels like could be her final goodbye.

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With Nealon’s warning from earlier and the knowing how real Neolution is, Delphine heads back to Dyad and has seemingly accepted the fact that she will be killed. In the Dyad parking garage, she turns to face someone who so far remains unknown and is shot. While I am horrified, depressed and angry about this, we didn’t actually see her die. Sure, she was bleeding profusely but until I see a character die right before my eyes, they’re still alive.

Finally, another huge twist occurs when we get a small glimpse of Rachel after her surgery. She’s received a new eye but it’s a robotic eye.tumblr_nq3jhlzkkE1rgvfxho3_500                                                                                            Credit: Tumblr

Obviously, knowing what we know now about Neolution and Nealon, it’s pretty obvious that they have their hands on Rachel. While she’s trying to figure out who is keeping her hostage, she comes face to face with young Charlotte Bowles and then of course, the big reveal happens and we find out that the person she’s being kept by is Susan Duncan, her mother.

That’s the end! I know, I know, we were left with A LOT of questions and emotions and even though a few days have passed, I’m still reeling from it.

With all the questions and cliffhangers that we’re left with, what are your biggest concerns regarding where we will find ourselves in season four? I honestly have way too many. Like, where is Virginia? Now that Neolution is back, will Felix and Helena get to revisit that insane club from season one? Where is Marion Bowles and is she a Neolutionist? Do we know the person that shot Delphine? And most importantly, how exactly can Shay afford that apartment?

Hit the comments below with your comments, questions and theories because I’d love to hear them! Until then, take this hiatus between now and season four to recuperate from all the stress, love, laughter, tears, heartache and whatever else we’ve all been through! See you next year, Clone Club!

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