Dwayne Johnson Prepares To Go On A Rampage In New Film Adaptation

Credit: Warner Bros
Credit: Warner Bros

With the huge success of San Andreas, Furious 7, and the launch of his HBO show, Ballers, Dwayne Johnson is a star that’s even more in demand.

Earlier this month, he secured the lead role in the remake of Big Trouble In Little China. Now Johnson seems to be firmly rooted in the pop culture of the 1980’s with his latest role.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Johnson will star in an upcoming adaptation of the Rampage arcade game. Johnson will be reunited with producer Beau Flynn and New Line, who made San Andreas. Apparently, the parties are hoping to capitalize on the chemistry that made San Andreas such a hit with this latest venture.

Non-Stop screenwriter Ryan Eagle is to pen the script, but there is no director attached yet. There should be one soon, however, as New Line is hoping to launch production of the film summer 2016. (And it takes a long, long time to plan out a movie.)

For those of you who don’t know what Rampage is (and ten minutes ago I was one of you), the Midway video game follows three characters: George, Lizzie, and Ralph. George is King Kong expy, Lizzie is a Godzilla expy, and Ralph is a werewolf. They used to be human beings before they were mutated into their monstrous forms by a place called Scumlabs: George a middle-aged man, Lizzie a young woman, and Ralph an old man.

In order to win the game, the player controls one of these characters and must destroy cities.

Now how would this translate to a film? I can’t say. There isn’t even details on the kind of character that Johnson would play in the movie. The movie could focus on the monsters or on the person trying to stop them. It could go either way for Johnson.

There’s no release date for Rampage.

Bec Heim