Coming To A Stage Near You, Downton Abbey The Music Tour

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Can you ever have too much of a good thing?

The obvious answer to that is “yes.” However, for fans of ITV’s Downton Abbey the news that there might be more Downton after the door closes on the series at the end of this year is certainly welcomed. It will be Downton, but in a different format.

In an interview with Billboard, series’ composer John Lunn revealed that he and series creator Julian Fellowes were in talks to create a touring event, featuring the show’s music and cast, and hosted by none other than Fellowes himself.

Billed as being similar to the Doctor Who live tour, Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, the show will include music from the series, music from the era as well as performances from the cast.

“70 percent of it will be music from the show,” Lunn said. “There might be some Elgar, there might be some jazz of the periods. Some of the actors will likely recite. We’ll have a screen. We may have the music live to several scenes. Julian may be the host.”

It sounds like they have the format, or what they wish to include, pretty nutted down, but don’t go looking for dates or ticket information just yet. Lunn adds, “I’d say [there’s a] 75 percent chance it will happen.”

Those are still some damn fine odds if you ask me.

With a number of the younger cast fielding offers for projects Stateside given the enormous popularity of the series over there, it will be interesting to see which of the cast they nab to appear if the tour ever eventuates. A number of factors would have to align, including how long the tour is and where they actually tour to, but I would imagine that we would see a number of the older cast star, which would be a real treat given their experience and sheer presence.

With work beginning on the final series (which will feature eight episodes as well as the Christmas special), Lunn was being very coy about what we can expect from the season. What he did say concerns one of our favourite downstairs couples; Carson and Mrs Hughes.

“There’s a way to go for Carson and Mrs. Hughes before they actually get hitched up. I’m not saying anything more. It’s not going to be plain sailing.”

He went on to say that while he’s read everything so far, expect for the all important final script, and that there have been “a few hints about how well the estate is doing,” he “[hasn’t] seen any real hints so far of how it’s going to end.” Interesting, but do we believe him?

All will be revealed in a few months when the sixth and final series airs on ITV, and in January 2016 for the US. As for the Downton Abbey musical experience, well watch this space.

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