Bryan Fuller Talks Season Four Plot Possibilities As #SaveHannibal Campaign Intensifies

Photo by: Brooke Palmer/NBC
Credit: Brooke Palmer/NBC

The news broke on June 22nd that NBC had opted against renewal and was pulling the plug on a fourth season of Hannibal.

The critically acclaimed show has always suffered from low ratings (but it’s not as though anyone thought that a surreal show about a cannibalistic serial killer and his debatably homoerotic relationship with a troubled FBI profiler was going to be a ratings smash), but the show sparked a very passionate niche fan base in the “Fannibals.”

In the wake of the cancellation, Fannibals have taken to Twitter en masse in an attempt to hashtag their way to the series’ salvation. Spurred on by the show’s producers and the possibility of another channel or streaming service picking up the show, the #SaveHannibal campaign has been going strong since the cancellation news first broke.

Gaumont International Television and the De Laurentiis Co. are looking for a new buyer for the show, so all hope isn’t lost just yet. Showrunner Bryan Fuller has also made it clear that he has a plan in mind for a fourth season should it become a reality.

“My idea for Season 4 was perhaps one of the coolest yet. So I would love to do it in some capacity,” he said in a recent TVLine interview. “It would have explored the Hannibal-Will Graham relationship in a much deeper fashion than the series ever has before.” (That sound in the distance is the screaming of Hannigram shippers.)

In addition to Fuller’s hints, Variety is reporting that Hannibal was on track to introduce Clarice Starling in the show’s fourth season. Of course, the possibility of Clarice’s eventual introduction has been a topic of discussion since the show’s inception. Character rights issues have prevented her appearance so far, but maybe a deal had finally been reached? (If the show had finally reached a deal to include Clarice and then was promptly cancelled, there is no justice in this world.)

If you want to join the fight to #SaveHannibal, use the hashtag on Twitter. You can also sign one of the many online petitions and contact Netflix with your request that they pick up Hannibal. While it’s unclear how effective these measures will be, it’s possible that a massive show of interest could influence the outcome. Besides, we Fannibals never accept defeat. If we survived every bloodbath and heartbreak this show has dealt out, then maybe we can pull through cancellation as well.

Either way, in this world or another, Hannibal will go on.


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