Where Will They Go Next? The Arrow Cast Talks About the Future of “Olicity”

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

It’s been about a week since the Arrow season three finale did not break our hearts by killing off our favorite character, did not break our hearts by unnecessarily torturing our heroes even further. As unexpected as the happy ending was, it was most certainly refreshing to see our heroes smile for a change. And seeing Team Arrow come together, including its newest addition Thea, was beautiful. And seeing Oliver and Felicity drive off into the sunset was indeed magical.

That’s at least how Arrow’s Emily Bett Rickards described the final scene of season 3 at the CW Upfronts last Thursday. She also admits that they knew that the writers had the idea of a happy Oliver and Felicity ending for Season three pretty early on, and she was impressed they were able to follow through with it.

But what is next for our favorite super couple? Stephen Amell thinks that “the car goes off the cliff, minutes after the credits roll”, while Emily told TV Line that she imagines them breaking up during the summer hiatus. “We just decided we don’t like each other at all”, she jokes.

While the possibility of them breaking up may be more realistic than them dying just seconds after the final scene, Oliver and Felicity’s future could actually be looking quite bright. Of course details regarding season four are still under wraps, but the cast has their own ideas of how this particular relationship goes.

At the City of Heroes Convention Amell said he thinks that Oliver and Felicity will be in a “fairly domestic state” for a while, and isn’t that something we are looking forward to? But as it is on Television, the characters never stay too happy for too long – we need conflict to achieve progress. So their blissful happiness surely won’t last forever.

What I am most excited to find out about is whether the couple will be able to find a balance between crime-fighting and their relationship. There are a lot of adjustments coming up for them, and the dynamic between each other and between them and the rest of the ever-growing team will most definitely change.

“What I think is so interesting is that once you help people and have served justice for so long, is that it might become an addiction to a certain extent”, Rickards says on the subject. “It’s one thing to go and be happy and sit on an island, but you want to still be doing important work. So I don’t know what that’s going to be for them. They’re going to have a balance of that and hopefully in their relationship as well.”

Either way it is time for both Oliver and Felicity to have at least a few moments of happiness. Both of them had quite the horrific journey this year, from Sara’s death over the return of Felicity’s evil ex to ultimately Oliver’s fight against Ra’s al Ghul and everything that entailed. And Stephen Amell agrees that Oliver deserves to live a little: “I hope that as a result of a lot of sacrifice and a lot of hard work that he gets a reprieve, so to speak.”

It’s a bummer we won’t be able to follow the lovebirds on their trip to god-knows-where. Maybe we’re lucky enough to get a glimpse at it in another set of tie-in comics between season three and four – Arrow 3.5: The Olicity Diaries. (Make it happen, Mister Guggenheim!)
Arrow returns with season 4 this fall on The CW.

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