We’re All “Scarred by Many Past Frustrations” In This Week’s Orphan Black

Are you guys ready to talk about another stressful yet enjoyable episode of Orphan Black? As the weeks continue, I swear, it keeps getting worse and worse which coincidentally is also better and better. Here’s what we dealt with in episode five, “Scarred by Many Past Frustrations.”

What Went Down
Last week Felix was trying to get Cosima into online dating and on now the girl is ready to go! She’s got a little date all lined up and the two meet at Bobby’s Bar. For the record, I need to be at Bobby’s Bar every day of my life.

A very cute, blonde girl named Shay shows up and let’s face it, both parties are pleasantly pleased. The two chat, flirt and be generally cute together but of course, we’re then made aware that someone is snapping photos from outside of the bar and don’t worry, I have some thoughts on this that will be addressed in a bit. The two ladies don’t notice and surprisingly Cosima proposes that the two go back to Felix’s loft. Once the two get back there, Cosima gets a massage from Shay. I think now would be a good time to say that Shay is what she refers to as a holistic healer, someone who heals a person through treatments involving the mind, body, spirit and emotions. It’s all very spiritual. It’s pretty clear that these two have some sort of connection and well, after divulging a bit of information to Shay regarding Delphine, the two share a lovely smooch.


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I’d like to say that I ship this but I’m Team Cophine all the way. Besides, Shay is setting off so many alarms for me. She showed up to their date on the phone which makes me think she talking to someone about Cosima and isn’t there purely because they met online. Regarding the picture-taking, it would make sense that maybe Delphine was keeping an eye on Cosima but I think it’s something else. I think it’s either something that Shay is involved in and she’s aware that they’re being photographed or maybe it is Delphine but she’s not there watching Cosima, but her and Dyad were following Shay and she ended up there. SO MANY OPTIONS.

Gracie doesn’t really have anywhere to go where since her psycho mom kicked her back out of the house due to her miscarriage so, thanks to Sarah’s advice, she goes to Art. Classic Art not really knowing what to do, takes Gracie to Mrs. S and Felix. Felix isn’t too keen on taking her in but Mrs. S flawlessly welcomes her. She even divulges a bit of her past that she hadn’t even told Sarah or Felix about involving getting married young as well as losing her husband young. It’s pretty well-received by Gracie but she’s finally free and sorry Mrs. S but she’s ready to party.


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Scared for Gracie and well, probably just in general, Felix and Mrs. S manage to keep gracing in the house and proceed to get her intoxicated as well as teaching her some sweet dance moves. It’s not before long though that something happens and Gracie passes out to the ground! DUN, DUN, DUN!

Castor now has Sarah in a jail cell and the Johanssen’s dead baby in their labs. They’re pretty confident that comparing the DNA from the baby to that of the clones will reveal the defect that they have and they can proceed to developing some gene therapy. However, not knowing what that therapy could be, Virginia Coady decides to take hella samples from Sarah to obtain her stem cells  for alternative treatments, if need be.

With Sarah in the cell next to Helena, one would think that maybe a happy reunion was taking place but of course, that is not the case. Helena has been told that Sarah was the one that sold her out and she still believes that, despite not only Sarah’s efforts to tell her that it was a lie but also Paul basically told her it was him. Helena, please! Listen to your sestra!

Sarah also tells Helena that the Castor boys are their brothers but naturally, Helena doesn’t believe that either. Sarah really has no choice but to hope that it will sink in but she tries to sway her back to her side by telling Helena that she was looking for her this entire time and that if they want to get out of there, they have to work together. Helena finally wises up and listens to Sarah and the two devise a plan where Sarah is removed from her cell to the med bay, retrieves a pair of tweezers and brings them back to Helena. Helena picks her locks in her cell, manages to knock out a loose bar in her cell door and prepares for the escape by putting butter that she stashed up from her dinners all over her body. It’s quite the sight. Once she squeezes out, Helena breaks hearts all over the world but leaving Sarah behind. That’s right, her and her stupid scorpion friend leave Sarah there because it “makes them even.”


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With that, Helena manages to escape the compound just before the guards find out she’s missing.

The Castor boys are still a bit of a mystery but we did learn a little more about them this episode and a possible second defect that they have. We get to see the girl who Rudy and Seth assaulted once again but it appears this time that he eyes have become complete bloodshot. It’s then that we also discover that the same thing has happened to Gracie. So basically if you have sexual relations with a Castor clone, you’re going to get blood-shot eyes, among other things. Virginia Coady seems to be at least semi-aware of this and that’s why she requires her boys to carry journals with them to record their encounters. Classic Castor.

Favorite Thing
While this episode was mildly depressing, I’m giving my favorite moment to Mrs. S and her back story.


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I love the clones, male and female, but it’s always nice to hear about some of the other characters and Mrs. S is one of my favorites. Here’s to hoping we get to find out even more about her!

That’s all we have for this week! It was a stressful episode that has posed a lot of questions involving Shay and her intentions as well as what exactly is wrong with the Castor clones and does that second defect carry over to Leda? SO MANY QUESTIONS! Luckily, we have five more episodes before the end of the season! Check out next week’s trailer which, by the way, is rumored to be even more insane than this week’s episode! I’ll see you back here next week for more Orphan Black!

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