“Verbis Diablo” Brings On The Devil On This Week’s Penny Dreadful

Credit: Showtime
Credit: Showtime

Well folks Penny Dreadful is starting its season off right with another gross-tastic episode. I hope none of you have a fear of dolls or mutilated children.

Father Daughter Bonding: The episode begins with Vanessa crouching in the corner of her room, clearly lacking some serious sleep. She quickly runs to Malcolm’s room where he comforts her and decides to take her on a little field trip, to a place that helps him find some peace. He ends up taking her to an underground soup kitchen where the poor and sick of London have taken residence. After a few hours down under Malcolm must leave Vanessa for another engagement, but Vanessa decides to stay. She runs into Caliban who introduces himself as John Claire. The two bond. They speak about religion, paganism, and finding peace, until Vanessa is summoned by a nun. I am digging this friendship.

It’s Alive: Caliban and Victor have brought Brona, now Lily, back to life. Victor seems annoyed by Caliban’s squabbling about filling Lily’s head with poetry, and prays that Lily will not turn out “simple minded”. Later on Victor has apparently convinced Lily that she is his cousin who had an accident and Caliban is her intended. Lily does not seem too pleased with this revelation. Lily also speaks like a proper London girl instead of the brogue we were all used to. Oh, yeah, and she is a blonde now (guess Vic has a thing for blondes and makeovers).

He’s Back: Dorian is back. We find him sipping tea at a cafe when he is interrupted by a very outgoing and flirtatious Angelique. Dorian confides in Angelique that he had his heart broken by Vanessa, which Angelique sympathizes with and leaves his card if he ever decides he wants to get over her. Later that night Dorian pays Angelique a visit, but before they do anything Angelique wants to make sure Dorian knows what he is buying and reveals that he has a male anatomy, which of course does not deter Dorian in the least. (Side note: Angelique is friggen awesome).

Witch is Back: After leaving Vanessa at the soup kitchen Malcolm runs into Evelyn, who is trying on some new perfumes. Of course, the witch does some weird ass enchantment that we have yet to see the repercussions of. Back at the manor, Malcolm has summoned Lyle the flamboyant expert on all things occult to help translate the Verbis Diablo. Lyle is quickly taken with Ethan who gives as much as he gets. The entire flirtation is perfect and adorable and hilarious. Lyle explains to the crew (Victor, Ethan, Vanessa, Malcolm) that the Verbis Diablo is only preserved in one written record inside the British Museum. Apparently, a monk by the name of Brother Gregory while possessed wrote down everything the demon said until he was burned at the stake. Lyle invites Ethan along to retrieve it.

The Archives: While searching for the artifacts containing the Verbis Diablo, Ethan comes across shield containing two wolves. He goes on to tell a story about how the wolves did not protect anyone when he saw them, they just fed. I am 100% sure he is Vanessa’s protector, like 100% sure (shipper feels). Plus the witches think of him as a protector, so that’s what I am going to believe. When the two return to the manor the Verbis Diablo is scrawled on dozens of artifacts in English, Arabic, and more. Ethan calls it a puzzle while Lyle calls it the Tower of Babel.

Death and Flirtation: Earlier, Malcolm went out shooting with Evelyn and the two flirt some more. Evelyn has a great shot, but Malcolm’s aim is kind of pathetic (weird right?). I wonder if this is an after effect of the spell she put on him earlier. It seems that the two are going to start an affair. This is despite the fact that Malcolm tells her he is in fact married, but estranged, and intends to stay that way. We then see Hecate following a couple with a child, who she promptly slaughters on a subway and takes back to Evelyn. Evelyn then squeals with glee as she dissects the child in a room full of puppets shaped as a bunch of our characters, and then voodoo time? Vanessa then gasps and black screen. Oh and did I mention Lyle is being blackmailed by the witches to spy on our favorite group? Yeah, that’s happening.

I am internally screaming I need next week’s episode!

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