“Two Graves” Are Filled In The Series Finale Of Revenge

Credit: Melty

This week revenge has finally been served – four years later. The Revenge series finale has finally arrived, and it tied together in a nice red bow for us, making sure all of our wants, needs and desires have been satisfied, now that the show has come to a close.

The finale, that starts off with Amanda on trial for Victoria Grayson’s murder, ends with a wedding that will probably surprise no one but will make everyone happy.

For the first cliff-hanger of the episode that came with so many twists and turns we almost hurled, Amanda pleads guilty to the murder of Victoria Grayson. Minutes later, Amanda is out of jail and surrounded by Nolan and Jack. Doesn’t jail security know by now they are no match for Nolan Ross?

Of course Amanda doesn’t understand the concept of lying low. After all, her definition of staying out of trouble is donning a disguise and putting herself in a potentially life threatening situation. Upon leaving Mary Gaines’ home to track down records to prove Victoria used her mother’s corpse to stage her death (oh yeah Mary Gaines was Victoria’s mother!), Nolan gives her a call. A wake up call. The Gaines home is not safe, and Margaux’s hired a hit woman (Courtney Love) to come after her. Of course, for Amanda, that’s code for “run straight back there.” After all, Jack is there and in danger. Did we mention the pair slept together the night before? Yeah, that happened and surprised no one. But that doesn’t mean we weren’t smiling like idiots.

So, in short, the serial killer shoots Jack (HOLDS BREATH), but he makes it through (RELEASE BREATH). We went in expecting two deaths, but Jack was not a viable option for us to accept.

Moving on, Louise is once again loveable. Well, she was always loveable, just misguided. Upon learning Victoria is alive, Louise decides she will no longer be a pawn and brings Amanda straight to her. And Amanda has a gun. However, it’s David who kills Victoria as his own form of revenge, to prevent his daughter from having more blood on her hands. Who’s surprised? Not us. Who’s happy? …. Us.

In her last dying moments, however, Victoria takes a shot of her own. With that, Emily is shot, on the floor, and for the 45th time we are left with wondering if Amanda Clarke is dead.

Then, all of the sudden, years have past. David is out of jail on compassionate release, passes away (tear) and Jack and Amanda get married and sail off on a boat, and everything is unicorns, rainbows, and flowers. You know, multiple major character deaths later. Then, Emily has a dream that Charlotte arranged to save her life by giving her Victoria’s heart.

Upon waking up, Amanda reveals this is a a recurring nightmare making us feel this may be what really happened.


After Amanda and Jack state their love post-nightmare, Nolan gets to steal the last moments of the episode as a young (attractive) man tells Nolan that according to Amanda Clarke, he can be of assistance to him. He reveals a newspaper reporting a crime his mother allegedly committed and says “she’s innocent.” To which Nolan responds,”Well played Ams.” And with that, Revenge ended four years of twists, turns, shirtlessness, Nolanism’s and cat fights.

Our biggest regret is that Nolan and Louise never got to make out, and that Conrad never came back. However, that will all be forgiven if Nolan gets a spinoff. Make it happen ABC. We want it.

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues