Tom Hiddleston And Nicholas Hoult Unleash The Cats In Latest Good To Be Bad Ad

Credit: Torrilla/Jaguar
Credit: Torrilla/Jaguar

We have already shown you the snippet of the spectacular char chase in the upcoming James Bond movie Spectre, involving the bespoke Aston Martin DB10 and the concept car for Jaguar CX75.

Now in the latest long awaited installment of Jaguar’s Good To Be Bad campaign, we have the latest beauty from the British car maker.  Of course it features none other than one of our favorite villains – Tom Hiddleston.

As with any good villain, we see that Hiddleston has a familiar, a beautiful sleek black jaguar (the big cat, not the car – although…) and it stalks around the room as he watches the cars on the roads.  The British thespian soon announces that “It’s time for a change, a new plan needs a new boss,”  and then feeds the bow tie that would appear to have previously belonged to Ben Kingsley, who sported it in the previous campaign, to the jaguar.

The ad also stars Nicholas Hoult as the bespectacled boy genius of the cohort of villains.

The company released the ad on social media, announcing the new Jaguar XE Saloon via Jaguar MENA branch –  that’s the official Twitter feed for all the news and information surrounding Jaguar cars in the MENA region  (Middle East and North Africa).

The Good to Be Bad campaign has been lovingly embraced by fans of Hiddleston and Hoult, as well as those of Mark Strong and Ben Kingsley – all famous for portraying incredible cinematic villains at one time or another.  It plays upon the premise that all the best villains are British.  Here is the original ad which screened during the US Superbowl, then was followed up by The Art of Villainy, and finally British Intel.

Jaguar aims to rival luxury European car makers Mercedes-Benz and BMW, and its ads are certainly getting plenty of attention.  In fact one of the original ads was temporarily banned when it received complaints it encouraged dangerous driving.  Nothing was said about it encouraging villains.


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