Time To “Kill The Boy” On This Week’s Game Of Thrones

Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO

All kinds of hells were unleashed on this week’s episode of Game of Thrones. Many of us were waitiing for this type of action to go down this season, and our wait was not in vain.

Many of our faves took matters into their own hands, and changed the course of the show with the decisions they made this week.

Our beloved Khaleesi, who has had a rough go of it lately, in particular makes a difficult decision in Meereen. As for the new Lord Commander Jon, he ends up recruiting the help of an unexpected ally, much to his and our surprise, after gettng some sage advice.  

As for everyone else, Brienne’s journey continues while we find out how much Theon remains under Ramsay’s control.

What You Need To Know:

Ramsay Outdoes Himself: The North preps itself for the upcoming wedding of Sansa and Ramsay. Sansa seems resolved to go through with the wedding but becomes aware of allies in her midst. Brienne is lurking not far from her and sends a message to Sansa, letting her know that she isn’t alone. The North has a long memory, and several of its people also remind the fallen Stark that she can count on them. Must be a comfort as her future husband Ramsay seems to have dark plans for her. Ramsay’s mistress Miranda isn’t too please with the nuptials and gives Sansa quite the shock as she shows her where Theon is. Sansa is appalled to see Theon as the fallen Greyjoy tells her she shouldn’t be there. Later, Theon tells Ramsay he saw Sansa and instead of punishing him, Ramsay forgives him for speaking to her. It was just a mind game as it turned out. Ramsay later on has Theon apologize to Sansa for murdering her brothers and orders him to give her away. Lord Bolton has a surprise of his own for his evil son: he’s to be a father again. The news doesn’t sit well with Ramsay but Roose lets him know that he wants him by his side when Stannis comes for them.

Jon Snow Makes A Choice: Speaking of Stannis, he’s dead set to go take on Bolton, with or without Jon, which is fine since Jon comes up with a new idea that will make him grossly more unpopular at the Wall: to bring on the Wildlings and have them fight with the Brothers. At first he doesn’t want to take that route but as the good Maester Aemon tells him, he’s in charge. Jon reaches out to Tormund for assistance in getting the Wildlings to join him. Tormund scoffs at the idea but then changes his mind and agrees on the condition that Jon joins him. Jon accepts and takes Stannis’ ships to carry out his plan to recruit the Wildings.

Time To Unleash The Dragons: Daenerys starts this episode off in mourning. Selmy did not survive the events of the previous episode (Greyworm did), and the Dragon Queen wants someone to pay. Daenerys rounds up all the heads of the families and takes them down to her babies, letting them know that their fate lies with the dragons. They all watch in horror as two of dragons burn and rip apart one of the heads of the families, with Khaleesi promising to feed them more later on. After having a heart to heart with Missandei, Khaleesi changes her mind and instead lets the heads of the families go and decides to marry one of them to bring about peace to Meereen.

Jorah and Tyrion Meet The Rock People: Jorah and Tyrion continue to make their way to see Daenerys, with Tyrion finally spotting a dragon flying around. The men run into a slight problem as they are accosted by Stone people aka those suffering from grey scale. Jorah fights them off as best as he can but Tyrion ends up falling over with one of them and nearly drowning. Jorah luckily ends up saving him but not before revealing to the audience that he has now been afflicted with grey scale.

Quotes of the Night: 

“Kill the boy, Jon Snow. Winter is almost upon us. Kill the boy and let the man be born.” Aemon

“Fewer.” Stannis, being a grammar nerd.

“That doesn’t release me from an oath. I served Lady Catelyn. I serve her still.” Brienne

“I’m a person who drinks. People who drink need to keep drinking.” Tyrion

Check out the promo for next week’s episode below!

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