The “Sons Of The Harpy” Show Their Faces On This Week’s Game Of Thrones

The "Sons Of The Harpy" Show Their Faces On This Week's Game Of Thrones

A war is brewing, Throners, and it’s not going to be pretty.

Who am I kidding? War is always brewing on this show, and this week’s episode definitely laid the ground work of what is to follow for the rest of the season.

Our beloved Khaleesi trapped between a rock and a hard place in Meereen; The Sons of the Harpy threaten her rule. What will the Dragon Queen do?

Elsewhere, Jaime and Bronn make their way to Dorne where they hope to extract Myrcella, however, that task will definitely prove to be difficult as The Red Viper’s bastard daughters, the Sand Snakes, are already plotting revenge against the Lion family for the death of their beloved fathers. That’s right; we finally got to meet the fierce Sand Snakes in this episode.

The "Sons Of The Harpy" Show Their Faces On This Week's Game Of Thrones

Their introduction was quite glorious; you really can’t help but root for these bad ass women.

 The "Sons Of The Harpy" Show Their Faces On This Week's Game Of Thrones

So much went down on Game of Thrones this week. Let’s get down to business!

What You Need To Know:

Cersei Stirs Up King’s Landing: Poor Tommen; the young King is way in over his head. Cersei makes matters worse for her son by setting in motion a plan that will surely divide the Lannisters and the Tyrrells forever. She sends off Margaery’s father to the Iron Bank to get more money, and then sets up the High Sparrow with a killer army of religious zealots. The High Sparrow’s army capture and imprison Ser Loras, which undoubtably winds up the New Queen. Margaery rightfully tears Tommen a new one, demanding her new King go free her brother. Tommen luckily gets that “Happy Wife means Happy Life” and goes to do her bidding. Alas, the young King is unsuccessful, which pains his wife and she rejects his comforts while she goes to be with her family. Cersei, you better watch your back.

Jaime and Bronn’s Most Excellent Adventure: Jaime and Bronn finally arrive at Dorne, only to run into trouble the second they get there. Both the men fight off a small group of Dornish warriors, with Jaime finally showing that he still has some skills in the fighting department. He’s going to need them to retrieve Myrcella because….

The Sand Snakes Have Arrived: The Red Viper’s daughters are here, and they are bad ass to the bone. Ellaria seeks them out after being rejected by the Prince and asks them if they would side with her to avenge their father. The late Oberyn’s bastard daughters Obara, Nymeria, and Tyene don’t debate their choice for long. After a display of their ruthless sides, the Sand Snakes decide to go to war against the Lannisters.

Littlefinger Woos Sansa’s Dark Side: Lord Baelish reveals to Sansa in this episode that he is to return to King’s Landing, a move that doesn’t sit well with the young Stark. He advises her to go through the marriage as it won’t be for long as he knows very well that Stannis and his army are heading to take Winterfell back. Sansa and Baelish share a kiss before he goes, and Sansa’s course is set.

Jon Snow Apparently Still Knows Nothing: The new Lord Commander spends most of this episode recruiting new men for the Wall, which unfortunately means taking men from the likes of Roose Bolton. Jon is hesitant to accept men from Bolton for reasons (like Bolton murdering Rob) but knows he has to because he is dangerously under staffed at Castle Black. Stannis prepares to head off but Melisandre knows he needs Jon Snow to be successful. She then attempts to seduce the new Lord Commander but is unsuccessful because as anyone could have told her, Jon still pines for Ygritte. Melisandre feels insulted and leaves but not before telling him that “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”

Meereen Is Painted Red: Ser Jorah finally reveals to a kidnapped Tyrion that he is taking him to see Khaleesi, which makes Tyrion laugh because that’s where the little Lion was heading to all this time. It’s a good thing that these two are headed that way because Daenerys is in danger. After continually rejecting the wishes of the people of Meereen, violence erupts on the streets as the Sons of the Harpy begin to take lives. Greyworm and the Unsullied attempt to stop them but they are woefully outnumbered. Greyworm looks to be a goner when Barrister Selmy, fresh from leaving Daenerys after regaling her with a sweet story about her father and brother, shows up to help him. The Sons of the Harpy though claim victory as Selmy is killed, and Greyworm is left for dead.

Quotes of the Night: 

 “I swore a vow. I loved another. I still love her.” Jon Snow

“What a waste of a good kidnapping.” Tyrion

“You did not belong across the world with the bloody stone men. You are Princess Shireen of the House Baratheon. And you are my daughter.” Stannis

Check out the promo for next week’s episode “Kill the boy” below!


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