The House Of The “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” Attacks On This Week’s Game Of Thrones

Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO

Throners! We only have four more episodes left in season 5 of Game of Thrones. The stakes are rising each week, and winter is coming for our faves.

This week’s episode upped the action as Arya trained while Jorah and Tyrion ran into slavers (because they didn’t have enough problems in their travels). Things in Dorne heated up as Trystane and Myrcella  made plans for future. As for one of the favorite duos, Jaime and Bronn, they finally reached their destination, however, the Sand Snakes launched their attack.

Dark times indeed are all over Westeros with lots more to come. Will our favorite characters make through the season alive? Find out below to see if anyone lost their lives!

What You Need To Know: 

The Sand Snakes Take Charge: Dorne got some much needed screen time this week as Jaime and Bronn finally made their way into the city to retrieve Myrcella. A little too late, as it turns out, as the young princess has fallen in love with Trystane and isn’t keen on leaving Dorne just yet. Jaime and Bronn confront the two young lovers and try to persuade them to go with them. Unfortunately for all parties involved, the Sand Snakes chose that moment to launch their attack against the princess. Jaime and Bronn tried to hold their own against the Sand Snakes but were no match. Just as the Snakes were going to finish them off, Prince Doran’s guard arrived to stop them. All were imprisoned, with their fates up in the air.

Ser Jorah And Tyrion‘s Woes Continue: Poor Tyrion, once again, as the imp can’t seem to catch a break. After nearly drowning last episode, the duo take time to eat and rest. Tyrion takes this time to fill Jorah in on what’s been going on in Westeros and the Wall, especially Jorah’s father, whom Jorah did not know had been killed (what a lousy way to find out one’s father is dead). The duo barely get any rest as they are seized by slavers. Tyrion manages to talk them into taking them to Slaver’s Bay versus killing them as he talks about how great a fighter Jorah is, which peaks the slavers’ interest.

Cersei’s Ultimate Move: Olenna Tyrell arrives in Kings Landing to seek out Loras’ release but Cersei blocks her every attempt. The two exchange words and threats while Cersei manages to calm the older woman by saying that it will only be a formal hearing and nothing more. Too bad she was lying through her teeth to Grandma Tyrell. The hearing with the High Sparrow turned out to be so much more than that as Loras and Margaery were both examined and found guilty of lying when the High Sparrow brought out Loras’ squire Ollie to testify. Loras and Margaery found themselves being arrested while Cersei looked on smugly. Looks the alliance is over!

Arya And The Many Faces: Arya is still washing bodies weeks later and is none too pleased about it. After demanding to be trained, she faces off with Not Jaq’en as he tries to show her that she isn’t ready to become no one because she is still lying to herself. Arya proves how ready she is when a frail young girl comes to the House of the Faceless to die, and Arya leads her to a painless death with comfort. Not Jaq’en sees this and finally leads Arya to the Chamber of the Many Faces. Not Jaq’en states Arya is not ready to be one of them but is ready for something.

Worst Wedding Night Ever Part Two: In tonight’s most controversial plot, Sansa finally gets ready to wed Ramsay, but not before having many words with his ex-lover Miranda. Miranda tries to scare off Sansa but the Stark is not having it. Theon gives Sansa away later on to Ramsay on a cold dark winter night, and her fate is sealed. As Sansa and Ramsay return their new chambers, Theon makes to leave them but Ramsay wants a witness to their consummation. With tears running down Theon’s face, he bears witness to Ramsay’s rape of Sansa, while her screams of pain close out the episode.

Quotes of the Night:

“You can smell the shit from 5 miles away.” Olenna Tyrell arriving at Kings Landing.

“You fight pretty good for a little girl.” Bronn to one of the Sand Snakes

“Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. For Oberyn.” The Sand Snakes

“No, a girl is not ready to become no one. But a girl is ready to become someone else.” Not Jaq’en

Check out the promo for next week’s episode “The Gift” below!

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