The Fantastic Four Gain Control Of Their Powers In New Teaser

Credit: 20th Century Fox
Credit: 20th Century Fox

The next group superhero movie on the horizon is the remake of the Fantastic Four.

We have gotten posters, trailers, and tantalizing glimpses of the grittier reboot directed by Chronicle‘s Josh Trank. They all have been absolutely glorious. And they have been making me salivate in want for this film.

(Well that and Michael B. Jordan. Do I need to get into my love for Michael B. Jordan? I adore that man. He wrote an article on his role for Entertainment WeeklyGo and read it because it is freaking glorious.)

In the newest teaser, we get to see more demonstrations of the groups’ powers (along with advert for a movie ticket website always fun!).

But the brief glimpses we get, mainly new footage of Reed’s stretching ability and Johnny’s “flame on,” is definitely worth the advert. Also any glimpse of the beauty that is Jamie Bell’s The Thing is worth it. Like so worth it. God I am in awe of the VFX work on the character.

Check it out below.

The reboot’s origin differs from the comic book and the 2005 movie. In this version, the Four gain their powers after transportation to an alternate dimension alters their physiologies. (Which, let’s be honest, makes more sense then “cosmic rays” in its own special way.)

The film has received early backlash from casting choices to casting an African American actor as Johnny Storm (again I direct you to the aforementioned EW piece written by Jordan). I have to admit though that this has never bothered me because I knew we were getting quality actors on the project with a great director. In the end that should be all that matters.

Most people, however, have seemed to have gotten over it with the release of the new footage. I’ve been excited about this reboot from day one, and now that it’s so close I need it to be August already so I can see it.

Fantastic Four will be released on August 7th.

Bec Heim