The Clones Need “Newer Elements of Our Defense” In Orphan Black

Credit: BBC America
Credit: BBC America

If you thought last week‘s Orphan Black had some crazy moments, then you are sure to be thinking the exact same this week! Let’s dive right into what happened in “Newer Elements of Our Defense”!

What Went Down
Helena has been silent planning her escape at the Castor prison. Paying attention to shifts, the guards, their mannerisms, stuff like that and she’s finally ready to make an escape attempt. During her first attempt, she feigns a freakout which allows her to be sedated and removed from her room. Unlucky for the Castor crew, she’s managed to tie off her arm to prevent the sedative from reaching her bloodstream quickly. Before she passes out, Helena roams around and discovers an area where Dr. Coady and others are doing experiments or tests on a Castor clone. She isn’t able to discover much before she must race back to her room, at the command of her scorpion friend, and pass out on the floor.

During the second and hopefully final escape, she’s able to carve a key out of a bone she took from a meal she had eaten. She’s been chewing on this thing and was finally able to fashion it into a key for her cell. Seriously, Helena can do it all! Once she unlocks her cell, she makes her way back to the place where she saw Castor clones being tested and opens the door to find one in the chair with the last name Parsons. He’s scared and asks her to please kill him and it’s then revealed that he’s actually had the top of his head and skull removed to reveal his brain. That’s right, precious mother Dr. Coady is actively operating, testing and experimenting on her “children.” Helena feels bad for this clone, tells him that they’ve both been abandoned by the one’s that they love and kills him. It is actually a sweet scene until Dr. Coady bursts in and demands that her men put Helena down and they do. She cannot cut a break. Also, I hate Dr. Coady.

Donnie and Alison are still drug selling machines until Donnie tells Alison that he was recently followed by someone who he believes to be the police. On their way to hide the pills and soap, they run into a man in their backyard who tells them that his employer isn’t pleased with him. Alison tries to reason with him by telling him that they paid for all of this fair and square from Ramon when he left for college but they quickly find out that it wasn’t Ramon’s to sell, he didn’t go off to college and they had been set up. Lucky for them, the main boss wants to meet with them and talk things through.

Once the Hendrix’s arrive to the meeting point, the boss asks to speak with Alison only. Alison is legendary and has no problem meeting the boss face-to-face so she gets into the vehicle only to discover that the man she’s selling for is an old high school flame Jason Kellerman.


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The two reminisce and flirt a little when Alison finally tells him that if he allows them to continue, she’ll be bringing in double the business that Ramon was. Jason is all about the business, all about Alison and all about that soap cover she created for selling, so he accepts. While I’m 100% Team Hendrix and Team Donnie all the way, the history between these two interests me greatly. 

When we last left Sarah, she was watching Mark get shot in a field by Bonnie. After shooting Mark, Bonnie decides to take a snoop around the barn and it’s then that Sarah makes her way out to the field and finds Mark severely wounded but alive! Though he doesn’t know what to make of it, Sarah helps Mark up and outta danger for the time being.

The two end up at an abandoned house where Sarah removes the bullet from Mark’s leg in exchange for some crucial information about what his mission was. He tells her that Castor received intel that Johanssen has taken Castor samples and it was his job to retrieve them but unfortunately he found nothing. This is about the time Mark passes out due to his wounds and Sarah takes this opportunity to grab his hotel key and see what he may or may not be hiding.

Once at the hotel, she not only finds the box that Gracie took from creepy Finch’s farm but finds some very interesting information within it. She discovers that Johanssen did have the Castor sample but he used it with Bonnie, who then got pregnant and had a baby but unfortunately, that baby passed away. Therefore, the only way to get any DNA from this baby would be to dig it up and they definitely do. Mark, who surprised Sarah at the hotel, and Sarah head off to the first house the Johanssen’s lived in to dig up the baby. Once the baby is retrieved, Sarah turns to chat with Mark about it but is greeted by a smoking hot Rudy. While he’s ready to kill her, Sarah informs him of what she’s doing and he hesitates long enough for her to smash him in the head with a shovel. Classic Sarah Manning.

Once she strikes him, she runs into a nearby barn to hide and after a very tense couple of minutes, Rudy finds her. Once again before he can kill her, Mark interrupts and tells him to stand down because he’s his superior officer. Just as I thought Mark was about to suggest they all work as a team, he hugs Rudy and the two exchange words.

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Then Mark approaches Sarah to seemingly attack her but in true Orphan Black fashion, the credits roll before we can see anything!

Random But [Probably] Note-worthy Moments
Felix talks Cosima into online dating after accusing her of pining after Delphine. It is in this moment that I hate Felix.

Gracie goes back to the new Proletheans headquarters but once she’s there, she has a miscarriage, is deemed useless by her own mother and kicked out.

Favorite Thing
Due to the fact that she carved a key out of a bone, I’ve gotta give this week to Helena. She’s been through absolute hell but is somehow still hanging in there and giving Castor hell. Oh, she also mercy-killed someone she’s been calling ugly this entire season. She’s basically flawless.


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Another episode marked off the list! Can you believe it? We’re already at episode five and so much has happened and there’s even more to come! Next week looks like it’s going to make me happy, make my laugh and then also make me filled with the rage of a million suns. Check out the preview foe next week’s episode below and I’ll see you back here next week for more Orphan Black!

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