Ten Gifs That Show Why Hayley Atwell Is A Fangirl’s Dream

10 Gifs That Show Why Hayley Atwell Is A Fangirl's Dream

Hayley Elizabeth Atwell.

There is a lot that can be said about this particular person. She is a wonderfully talented actress, humanitarian, and role model.  Of all the things that she is, the most important of them all is that she is a fangirl’s dream.

Atwell is best known around the world for her portrayal of Agent Margaret “Peggy” Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  It is this amazing role that has made her famous in our hearts, and also has made her the ultimate gif-worthy icon.

Atwell has really come to her own in the past few years because of her major role in the MCU, and most recently, because of her amazing personality off-screen as well (check out her Twitter feed; it’s amazing). Because of this, we here at 4YE thought it only fitting to celebrate all the reasons why Hayley Atwell is a fangirl’s dream in gif form.

We’ve already celebrated Sebastian Stan, Lee Pace, and Chris Evans in gif forms therefore it is only fitting that our beloved Queen Hayley get her own royal series of tributes from us here at 4YE.

This one is for the girls.

Without much further ado, here are our 10 gifs that show why Hayley Atwell is a fangirl’s dream!

That one time she represented the whole fandom


Everyone loves Chris Evans, we have talked about that quite a few times (ok, many). But Atwell got a one hell of a chance when filming Captain America: the First Avenger: touching Evans’ chest as soon as he comes out of the capsule after being injected with the super soldier serum. It’s important to note that the “boob touch” was not scripted: it was just Queen Hayley seizing the opportunity.

That one time we proved she is 100% conscious of Marvel’s treatment of female characters



It’s a topic of constant debate within the fandom. Marvel is not perfect, and it has had both its ups and downs when it comes to representing female characters, but knowing that an insider, in this case our beloved Hayley Atwell, is aware of this and is looking for a change, makes us feel like the world is in great hands. Or at least the Marvel world is!

That one time she showed one of her (many) special talents


Atwell is not afraid to show her silly side and we praise her for that. During a visit to The Jonathan Ross show a few years ago, Atwell showed a very peculiar talent of hers: a little voice inside her mouth. It’s fun, cute, and seriously, how does she do that?! You can watch it here.

That one time she talked about napping and chocolate…at the same time

Atwell has a well documented history of talking about (and showing us) her prowess for naps at any time. So when she talked about her favourite place to fall asleep being underneath the food table we felt a deep spiritual connection to Ms. Atwell. If there is a way to any woman’s heart it is definitely through naps and chocolate.

That time she told it how it is

We think this gif is a little self explanatory. Woman can do whatever they want to do as long as they want to do it. Girl Power fist bump.

That one time she broke all of our hearts

I don’t know about any of you but whenever we rewatch Captain America: The First Avenger (which we will admit, is probably an absurd number of times) this scene reduces us to a puddle of feels every time. Every. Time. The emotion and feelings in Atwell’s face and voice are just too much.

That time she promised to do what we all dream of

Look out Atlanta, Hayley Atwell is coming! In case you were unaware, Captain America: Civil War has started filming in Atlanta and it looks like we could be seeing Peggy one more time? Or at least she’ll be visiting the set. Who knows why, but we all certainly wish we were in her position.

That Time She Gave Serious Sideye/Staredown For A Dumb Question

10 Gifs That Show Why Hayley Atwell Is A Fangirl's Dream

Note to all journalists/reporters: stop asking these questions of actresses. You don’t ask actors these questions so what makes you think it’s okay to ask the actresses? As you can tell, Atwell is having none of it in this gif, and we applaud her for it as her stare down speaks volumes.

That Time She Showed Off Her Hiddlestoned Side

10 Gifs That Show Why Hayley Atwell Is A Fangirl's Dreamtumblr_mizy8puGbb1qkyhuao7_r3_250

10 Gifs That Show Why Hayley Atwell Is A Fangirl's Dream10 Gifs That Show Why Hayley Atwell Is A Fangirl's Dream

Atwell is truly one of us as this series of gifs shows; even she isn’t immune from being Hiddlestoned on occasion. Tom Hiddleston and Atwell are friends in real life, and as a result, Atwell totally gets and even tried to explain what makes him so great in a very cheeky way that only Atwell can do so well.

That Time She Let Her Adorkable Side Out

10 Gifs That Show Why Hayley Atwell Is A Fangirl's Dream

You have got to appreciate a woman who isn’t afraid to be silly and adorable. Atwell in this gif gives us all of that and more just by letting her personality shine. Bless her showing off her incredible smile and light!

Stay tuned, Hayley fanatics, as this is only part one of our tribute to all things Hayley Atwelll! Parts two and three are headed your way some time later on this week! Until then, enjoy these gifs! May they brighten your day as much as Hayley Atwell, our Queen, brightens ours!