Tech Revolution: Halt And Catch Fire’s Season 2 Trailer Shows The Start Of Internet

Credit: AMC
Credit: AMC

We are only one week away from the season two premiere of Halt and Catch Fire, and AMC has given one more trailer to wet our appetites for the hit summer drama series.

According to co-creator Christopher C Rogers, this season is going to be a game changer as fans of the show will finally get to see some episodes that will show the creation of the internet and how it changed the field of technology forever.

AMC picked up the drama for a second season shortly after it ended its debut season, which was lauded by critics and fans alike. The hit series boasts Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy, Mackenzie Davis and Toby Huss as its stars, in which they all play the leaders of the technology revolution of the 1980s.

For those who may not know, the series is set in the Silicon Prairie of Texas in 1983 and refers to computer machine code instruction HCF, the execution of which would cause the computer’s central processing unit to stop working (but not really catch fire).

If that doesn’t draw you into watching the show, did we mention that it stars Lee Pace? Pace has been a highly missed presence on our TV screens since the cancellation of Pushing Daisies (we are still not over that and will never be over that). This show gives us the opportunity to see Pace wow us and add to our ever-growing list of why he’s a fangirl’s dream.

Pace in particular excels at these serious roles, quite the departure from his lovable Ned the Piemaker, but you don’t have to take our word for it; check out the trailer below for yourself for season two!

If you haven’t seen season one, now would be the best time to quickly binge watch it.

Halt and Catch Fire returns to our screens for more tech war fun on May 31 on AMC.

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