Syfy To Bring Us A Brave New World As New Adaptation Of Aldous Huxley Novel Is Announced

Credit: Vintage Classic
Credit: Vintage Classic

I am a huge fan of dystopic novels such as George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four and the Aldous Huxley classic Brave New World so I was very excited to hear that a new adaptation of the Huxley novel is in the works.

According to Deadline, Syfy and Amblin TV are working together to bring a new television adaptation of Brave New World  to our screen.  It will definitely be an ambitious project however Syfy have been very clever in gaining the help of Steven Spielberg’s television company to bring the classic novel to life.

Brave New World is set in the World State which is a peaceful and stable global society and this is achieved by limiting the global population which ensures that there are no problems like world hunger, or poverty.  The population are controlled by the use of mind altering chemicals, and consumerism and recreational sex are the order of the day; and all children are born in genetically engineered hatcheries to maintain the new world order.  Sounds like nothing could go wrong, however should anyone fail to conform with these mandates, the savages are sent to reservations away from the rest of society; and it is one of these savages who threatens the natural order of the world.

Brave New World is seen as one of the best English language novels in recent times, and the book frequently makes lists chronicling the top novels of the 20th century.  It is also often featured on lists of banned or challenging books across the world including the infamous American Library Association “Banned Books List”.  In fact the novel has been banned in a number of countries including Ireland and India for reasons including being anti family, anti religion, and accusations that Huxley was a pornographer.

It will be very interesting to the After Fordian world being brought to life, and who will be chosen to play the lead characters in the drama.

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