Still Not Over It: Orphan Black Creator Talks The Effects Of That Shocking Death

Credit: BBC America
Credit: BBC America

Hey Clone Club, are you still reeling after that shocking end of Saturday’s episode? If you haven’t watched it yet, then stop reading this post, watch the episode, read Whitney’s recap here, and then come back to this post.

Seriously, there are spoilers ahead and I don’t want to be responsible for spoiling you.

For days leading up to the episode, the creators and actors tweeted that it was not one to miss live, teasing that something big happens, and they did not disappoint. The episode culminated in Paul (Dylan Bruce) giving his life, via grenade, to destroy Castor disease research that was being used to sterilize women without their knowledge, and that Dr. Virigina Coady (Kyra Harper) was trying to weaponize. Paul manages to take out one of the last Castor clones that we know of, Rudy (Ari Millen) and Dr. Coady herself. Before Paul blows everything up, he makes sure to get Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) out of the compound and tells her that he was in love with her, not Beth (Maslany).

Orphan Black co-creator, John Fawcett talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the effect Paul’s death will have and what to expect in the next four episodes. His death and the vision Sarah had of Beth will give Sarah a new drive for answers, set her on a “different course,” and will push her “towards the drama of the finale.”

Fawcett teased that we will find out how big of a blow Paul dealt Castor but that Paul did achieve his goal to “Corral all of the Castor operatives, all of the DNA, all of their research into one room and blow the f-ing shit out of it.”

It sounds like Castor has a lot more up their sleeves, and hopefully it’s not more gross rape-y Castor clones. I’m not going to lie, Paul was not one of my favorite characters but I never really thought they would kill him. Here’s hoping his sacrifice was worth it because I’d be 100% down with Castor going away.

Fawcett spoke a little about Rachel (Maslany) and Felix (Jordan Gavaris) and how much he loved their scene together, between Felix going a little too far in order to get Sarah back and Rachel breaking down and showing vulnerability.

According to Fawcett, next episode should be a lighter one, “an episode where you can laugh a little bit, there’s not a bunch of emotional high stakes, conspiracy this, conspiracy that.”

I want to believe him, since we got a lot of warning that the most recent episode was pretty heavy, but this is also a man who said he doesn’t like the audience getting too comfortable, so we’ll see.  After that there’s only two episodes left until the finale, which should be crazy as usual.

Fawcett also mentioned there will be an extended version of the fabulous Hendrix dance party scene on the season three DVD, which will be released in August.