Off To Neverland: Reese Witherspoon To Play Tinker Bell In Disney’s Next Live Action Film

Credit: People
Credit: People

Disney appears to be planning more and more live action versions of their classic animated properties. We had a Sleeping Beauty retelling with Maleficent, a live action Cinderella, and a Beauty and the Beast remake is underway. It looks like there are even more planned such as Dumbo and Mulan. 

Basically ALL the Disney movies are being brought to the big screen.

All. Of. Them.

So what character will Disney be giving their own live action spin-off version to?

Tinker Bell!

I’m actually kind of surprised that they haven’t done this sooner. Tinker Bell merchandise (from her film series to toys to sassy Hot Topic shirts) are big item sellers for Disney. From a marketing perspective, giving Tink her own live action movie is kind of brilliant.

According to The Hollywood ReporterTink, the aptly named film, is definitely going to be a thing and a star is already attached.

In perhaps one of Disney’s best live action castings, Reese Witherspoon is going to be playing the fairy in the film. Not much is known about the plot, Finding Dory screenwriter, Victoria Strouse, is going to pen the script. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if the film took a more Maleficent vibe. With the “real” story happening around the main character, who influences events in her own special way.

Currently, there is no director attached to the film or any other casting announcements. Witherspoon is going to produce the film, alongside her partner Bruna Papandrea at Pacific Standard.

Truthfully, while I do find retellings of classic stories fascinating, I would like to see some more original work from Disney. They hire and get such creative people. I’m hella excited for Inside Out (from Pixar) and Moana. I suppose as long as new films such as those are being made, I can handle some remakes that are sure to bring in the cash.

There is no release date for Tink yet, but stay posted.

Bec Heim