It’s “Fresh Hell” As Penny Dreadful Returns In New Episode

Credit: Showtime
Credit: Showtime

Well ladies and gentlemen, the Showtime Gods have graced us with early access to the season 2 première of its horror drama Penny Dreadful, and this season opener did not disappoint!

We’re Back: The episode begins with Vanessa walking through the snow, when suddenly chanting from Madam Kali (aka. actual name Evelyn Poole) begins causing Vanessa to collapse. Meanwhile, Ethan wakes up covered in blood and surrounded by loads of dead bodies at The Mariner’s Inn. At this point Ethan is pretty shaken up having blacked out the entire night thanks to his wolfish ways.

Reunited: Later that day Ethan and Vanessa have a little chat in the carriage about him wanting to leave town, however they are rudely interrupted by a group of demonic/vampire looking witches who are trying to abduct Vanessa. Luckily, Vanessa says some sort of satanic incantation that scares them off, but not before they killed the horses and carriage driver. On the sidelines the demonic witches turn into normal looking (super hot) women and disappear.

It Lives: In Frankenstein’s Lab, Caliban and Victor lower Brona into the water where she will hopefully be brought back to life. Victor asks Caliban if he will leave him alone if he brings Brona back to life, but Caliban counters, “What is Frankenstein without his creature?,” (he’s got a point). Back at the mansion Vanessa still seems freaked out by the witch attack, and although Ethan tries to calm her down she dismisses him and goes back to her room. Ethan then stands guard all night, and promises to visit her tomorrow (your OTP could never!).

Funeral: Back in his family home Malcolm and his wife bury their daughter. Malcolm tells his wife he will come back home, but she tells him he has no more children to try and safe or kill (awkward). This prompts Malcolm to return to London, and never look back. Meanwhile, Caliban is out in London looking for work. He comes upon a wax parlor where wax replicas of murder scenes are created. Caliban is almost immediately hired, but only after he meets the wax worker’s daughter who is blind (new love interest?).

Confusion: Back at the manor Ethan speaks with Sembene about how he is worried about Vanessa, because she has battled Satan and worse, and has never seen her so shaken. Malcolm returns home and Vanessa runs to him for comfort, it is all very weird. The trio fills in Malcolm on the attacks and they learn that Vanessa was speaking Verbos Diablo the corrupted angelic speech (dead language). Vanessa reiterates that she does not actually know the language, something possessed her to speak it.  Vanessa then returns to her room, while Ethan tells Malcolm that he will no longer be leaving and plans to take the room next to Vanessa’s to guard her!! Back at his lab Victor speaks with the dead Brona, caressing her hand and giving a serious necrophilia-esque vibe, but gets interrupted by Caliban’s entrance (thank god).

Blood of My Enemies: We finally come upon Evelyn (coven leader) bathing in a bath of blood with the dead body of the girl she drained it from lying on the floor. She is surrounded by skulls and when she finally comes down to the foyer to greet the rest of her coven they call her Mother. Evelyn tells the witches how disappointed she is in them, all except Hecate, who is obviously a suck up and was tracking Ethan during the whole carriage debacle. The witches seem to know that Ethan is in fact a werewolf and he is apparently very powerful! We learn that the group is after Vanessa (because of course) and want to give her to their master Lucifer.

Lightning Strikes Twice: A storm suddenly appears out of nowhere causing Caliban and Victor to sprint into action. Frantic they both start screaming “NOOOOOO” at the same time out of fear that lightning will not strike when they need it to (entire thing is a bit ridiculous). However, as if someone heard their prayers lightning strikes throwing Caliban across the room. When the storm passes we see Brona awaken and stand up from the tub, but is it Brona or a completely new person?

Vanessa v. Evelyn: The episode concludes with a chant off. Vanessa is in her room sending some sort of chant/prayer, while Evelyn is doing the same in her own. The two seem to be in some sort of chant off, with Evelyn attempting to capture/contact/possess Vanessa, and Vanessa warding her off. The episode ends, but we have no idea who won the chant off. Vanessa does look extremely drained though (WHERE IS ETHAN!?).

So what did you guys think of the series return, because I am so pumped!

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