Is “The Gift” A Curse Or A Blessing On This Week’s Game Of Thrones?

Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO

Season five of Game of Thrones is dwindling down, and after last week’s killer episode, the show is stopping at nothing to leave us breathless.

This week founds us looking in at Jon as he prepares for conflict. Elsewhere, after suffering yet another horror, Sansa found herself trying to talk to Theon aka Reek aka her witness for Ramsay’s brutality. Also in the North, Brienne looks to be waiting for a sign while Stannis remains stubborn. Lastly this week, Jaime attempted to reconnect with family.

All this and more went down on this week’s episode “The Gift”. Did our faves find themselves hanging by a thread or truly blessed?

What You Need To Know:

Reek Falls Further From Grace: In the aftermath of last week’s episode, Sansa’s troubles are far from over. Theon/Reek is now her servant, and the poor girl gets beaten every night. Sansa tries to sway Theon/Reek to help by lighting the candle for help. For a moment, it looks like he’s convinced but later sells her out to Ramsay. Ramsay, in retaliation, flays the older woman who offered help to Sansa, as a warning to Sansa of what will happen if she betrays him. Ramsay is aware that Stannis is heading for him. As for Stannis, Melisandre tries to convince him to sacrifice Shireen as a way to assure his victory but the stubborn king blasts her for the idea.

Jaime and Bronn’s Not So Excellent Adventure: Jaime attempts to persuade Myrcella to go with him but the little princess lets him know that she is here to stay. Jaime is shocked by her behavior but admits defeat for the time. As for Bronn, he’s locked up with the Sand Snakes. He teases Tyene about not being the most beautiful woman in the world. The jokes on him as it turns out; Tyene poisoned the dagger she stabbed him with during the fight, and death is imminent. She gives him the antidote only after he admits that she is the most beautiful woman ever. Oh those Sand Snakes….

Who’s Really In Charge At The Wall?: Jon leaves the Wall to go deal with the Wildlings but all is not well in his absence. Maester Aemon passes away, leaving Sam without an ally in Jon’s absence. Gilly finds herself being attacked by two of the brothers. Sam does his best to save her but is no match for the brothers. As the two men get ready to kill Sam and rape Gilly, Ghost appears, and the men scatter. Gilly tends to Sam’s wounds later on, and the pair finally consummate their relationship.

Daenerys Receives Her Gift: Daenerys is all set to marry, but Daario is unhappy at the thought. He tries to convince her to marry him instead but she rebuffs him gently, stating that she has no choice. He then tries to convince to kill all the masters. She shoots down the idea, declaring herself a queen not a butcher. Later, Daenerys is taken to one of the pits to witness some of the fighting, not knowing that in the same fighting pits, Ser Jorah and Tyrion await her. Jorah and Tyrion were sold into slavery and are all set to fight for their lives when Jorah spots his former Khaleesi. Jorah then slays the competition, revealing himself to Daenerys in victory, but she is still disgusted with him. As she orders her guards to take him away, Jorah declares he has a gift for her, the gift being Tyrion Lannister, as he makes his way to present himself to Daenerys.

Just Desserts Get Served: Back at Kings Landing, Cersei revels in the distress she has brought upon House Tyrell. Tommen is distraught by the whole situation while Olenna is beyond livid and determined to set her grandchildren free. Olenna tries to bribe the High Sparrow but he can’t be bought. As for Tommen, he is set to go to war for Margaery but Cersei assures him that she will take care of it. By taking care of it, of course, she means to go tease locked up Margaery. Margaery is having none of Cersei’s false niceness and tosses her out of her cell. As for Olenna, she reaches out to her old ally, Baelish, and basically blackmails him into helping her since they both had a hand in Joffrey’s murder. Whatever Baelish gave Olenna seemed to work because as Cersei makes to leave the prison, she comes across the High Sparrow. The High Sparrow basically tells her that all things done in the dark come to light, and her dark deeds are like no other. Cersei scoffs at him and tries to get away but finds herself being tossed in a cell at the close of the episode!

Quotes of the Night:

“Together, we murdered a king. If my house should fall, I will have nothing to hide.” Olenna

“Oh my.” Sam, losing his virginity.

“And now his watch has ended.” Sam

“I think you’re quite handsome, as well.” Tyene Sand

Check out the promo for next week’s episode “Hardhome” below!

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