“Hardhome” Delivers Us The Battle To End All Battles On This Week’s Game Of Thrones

"Hardhome" Delivers Us The Battle To End All Battles On This Week's Game Of Thrones

Last week’s Game of Thrones personally gave us so much life (yes, that’s a fangirl expression; sue me), especially those last five minutes when Cersei finally got what was coming to her and landed herself in a cell. Plus, Daenerys and Tyrion finally met, and it was epic.

What will this week’s episode entitled “Hardhome” give us? For starters, Arya makes her return to our screens as her training progresses while Cersei doesn’t seem to faring well in prison. As for our beloved Lord Commander Snow, he finally arrives at the seaport of the Wildling’s camp. Will he make it out alive and unite the two armies?

What You Need To Know:

Daenerys Gains An Ally: In Mereen, Tyrion and Jorah await their fate as Daenerys ponders what to do with them. She really wants to kill them both but Tyrion manages to get her to see reason as he has come a long way to see her and become her ally. Khaleesi seeks out Tyrion’s advice as far as Ser Jorah is concerned, and he tells her to banish him, which she does, much to the dismay of Jorah, whose condition is deteriorating thanks to Greyscale. Jorah goes back to his slave owner and is given the opportunity to represent him in the fighting pits. As for Tyrion, he wins Daenerys over and is made one of her advisors. Tyrion tries to get Daenerys to try for something else other than the Iron Throne as she doesn’t have any allies or major families supporting her. She scoffs at him as she states she doesn’t want the Iron Throne to keep things the same; she intends to break the vicious cycle of the Westeros way.

Cersei Doesn’t Do Prison: Back at Kings Landing, Cersei is suffering and is currently awaiting trial. Tommen has yet to visit her, and everyone and their mother want her to confess, including her favorite Maester, who comes to visit her to tell her it’s her only way out. Cersei sticks to her guns, and currently sits in her cell, wondering what will become of her.

Reek Shares A Secret: Sansa is livid with Theon/Reek for ratting her out to Ramsay last episode. She confronts him about what he did, and he proceeds to tell her that he did to save her. She lashes out at him, only for him to tell her what Ramsay did to him while he was still Theon. Sansa tells him that she wishes she could do the same to him as revenge for the murders of her brothers, but Reek stops her by stating that it wasn’t her brothers he killed. Sansa is left in shock as Reek confesses Brandon and Rickon are still alive before scurrying out of the room.

Not Jaq’en Gives Not Arya A Mission: Back in Braavos, Arya continues her training, and even manages to give herself a new backstory and new person to be in Braavos, much to the approval of Not Jaq’en. Arya is now a Oyster vendor by the name of Lana and has been tasked by Not Jaq’en to keep an eye on a gambler who is taking advantage of the needy in Braavos. Not Jaq’en gives Arya a special elixir to give to the gambler the next time she sees him. Arya smiles as she walks away but her other fellow servant wonders if she’s ready for the task and questions Not Ja’qen about his decision. Not Jaq’en tells her the Faceless God doesn’t care if Arya is ready or not.

The Battle of Hardhome Has An Unexpected Outcome: Jon Snow and Tormund finally arrive at Hardhome, the base camp for the Wildlings. After exchanging insults and even killing one of the leaders, Jon and Tormund finally get to speak to the elders and plead with them to come to the Wall for safety. Many scoff at Jon but Tormund convinces the rest to come to the Wall as the army of the White Walkers is coming for them. Just as they were getting everyone on the boats, what appeared to be an avalanche of White Walkers attacks the camp.  Blood, snow, dead things, running, arrows, creepy zombie children, a giant, bones, and more dead things soon follow as Jon, Tormund, and the Wildlings attempt to hold back the White Walkers. They are no match as all hope looks to be lost. Jon takes on one of the leaders of the White Walkers and looks to be a goner when he manages to kill him with his Valeryian steel sword. Jon and the survivors manage to get away but as they look back, the real leader of the White Walkers emerges and raises the dead from the battle to become his new White Walkers (an image that will surely haunt this recapper in her sleep tonight).

Quotes of the Night: 

“A ruler who kills those devoted to her does not inspire devotion.” Tyrion

“Belief is so often the death of reason.” Creepy Maester

“If I want jokes, I’ll get a proper fool.” Daenerys

“I’m not going to stop the wheel. I’m going to break the wheel.” Daenerys

“He’s prettier than both my daughters but he knows how to fight.” Tormund about Jon Snow

“Fuck the dragon glass! We’re all going to die here!” Random brother of the Night’s Watch

Check out the promo for next week’s episode “The Dance of Dragons” below!


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