Experimentation Becomes Formalized, Complex, And Costly On Orphan Black

Experimentation Becomes Formalized, Complex, And Costly On Orphan Black
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Welcome back to the trip, Clone Club! How did Saturday’s episode of Orphan Black treat you? I thought it was another great episode and I can’t wait to discuss it, so check out last week’s recap and let’s get to the business of discussing episode three, “Formalized, Complex, and Costly”!

What Went Down:
I think the best place to start is with the best couple in the history of forever, who are now amazing drug dealers, Alison and Donnie Hendrix. They haven’t been doing much with the other members of Clone Club since Alison imitated Sarah but that doesn’t mean they aren’t busy.

In order to sell their drugs to new and existing customers, they’ve decided to use the cover of selling soap. How Fight Club of them! They make the soap in their garage of terror, put the pills in the care package and deliver it. It’s really quite genius but what else would I expect from Alison? All seems to be going quite well for the business and the campaign thus far and Marci Coates takes notice of that. She swoops in to tempt Alison and Donnie with a stellar new house that’s just landed on the market. Marci just doesn’t learn, does she? Alison isn’t tempted at all by this, is confident in her run for school trustee and her new business, and tells Marci to piss off in the most suburban way ever:
Experimentation Becomes Formalized, Complex, And Costly On Orphan Black

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Meanwhile, Sarah is still on the hunt for Helena and the Castor clones. Lucky for her, Art has a lead on one of them and enlists her help to find him. The two set out on the hunt for Mark the Prolethean. They catch a lead that first sends them to a banished Prolethean, Alexis (played by the flawless Kathryn Alexandre), who informs them that Mark ran off with the leader’s daughter, Gracie. The two then pick up a lead involving someone who used to run guns and other shady things with Mr. Johansson, creepy Willard Finch. Before they head there, Sarah tells Art that she’s grateful for his help but he shouldn’t be risking his job as a police officer to help them. It’s then that we find out that one of the reasons Art is helping so much is because he’s doing it for Beth, who he was apparently in love with. That’s right! Art was in love with Beth before she passed away! Sarah knew it before he said it, comforts him and tells him that Beth would be proud of him for the work that he’s doing and for helping them. However, they need him to keep his job so Sarah decides to take the trip to Finch’s alone.

My new favorite bromance on the show, Cosima and Scott, are still doing science to help Cosima and now, to dive a little deeper into the mystery of the Castor Clones.
Experimentation Becomes Formalized, Complex, And Costly On Orphan Black

Credit: Tumblr

Cosima believes that Seth’s “glitches” are the equivalent of her illness and in order to do some research to prove that, she needs to take a look at his brain. Lucky for them, his body is at Felix’s house. In fact, it’s in his bathtub after he and Sarah moved it upstairs. With that, Scott and Cosima head over to Felix’s and extract Seth’s brain. It’s a scene filled with blood and horrific sound effects and I was thrilled when it ended.

Once they are back at the lab with the brain and doing science things, Cosima and Scott make quite the discovery that is sure to be a game changer. They have discovered that the Castor clones are indeed actual brothers to the Leda clones. BOOM! This family tree just keeps growing and growing.

Speaking of brothers, let’s talk about what Mark is up to. He’s hiding out with Gracie at the best honeymoon location ever which is a seedy hotel with the blinds always drawn. The two haven’t consummated their marriage yet but that all changes with one suggestion from Gracie. The two make with it, they loved it and now Gracie also decides it’s time for Mark to be 100% honest with her. Mark informs her that he never left the army, he’s still in it and that was the reason he was at her father’s farm in the first place. He was sent there to recover information on something he stole but while there, fell for young Gracie. Such a love story.

Mark tells her that he didn’t find what he was looking for and Gracie suggests that perhaps his father’s old friend, Willard Finch, knows something. Gracie goes to Finch’s to recover some of her father’s things but unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly what Mark was looking for. Starting to get desperate, Mark heads to Finch’s himself, leaving Gracie behind with some cash to have a lovely meal. During her meal, she actually runs into ‘ol Sarah. Sarah informs her of Mark’s secrets, including the fact that he too, is an abomination just like her and her sestras. Gracie is horrified and just when you thought she couldn’t get any more stressed, Gracie’s mother, Bonnie, shows up at her hotel to sway her back into her actual family.

Meanwhile at Finch’s farm, Mark tortures him to death trying to get information right before Sarah shows up. Once she shows up, she tells Mark that he won’t kill her and that he WILL help her recover Helena because they are brother and sister.
Experimentation Becomes Formalized, Complex, And Costly On Orphan Black

Credit: Tumblr

Horrified, Mark starts screaming about how they aren’t family and heads outside to get back to Gracie. He didn’t shoot Sarah so perhaps he’s down with the sisters? I doubt it but it’s a thought! Right before Mark can make his get away back to Gracie, he gets shot in the leg by Bonnie! Mark is able to crawl into a nearby corn field but he’s not quite fast enough. Despite Mark’s pleas and confession that he really does love Gracie, Bonnie appears to shoot him!

Random But [Probably] Important Moments:
We get to see Rudy interact with his mother, Dr. Coady, and it’s weird. He’s a big cry baby and sucks his thumb.

Helena has a nice short scene where she calls Rudy the “ugliest Mark” and then threatens to kill Paul and all the Castor clones. I can only pray that this happens seen.

While Cosima was doing some bathroom brain surgery on Seth, she starts questioning if when he died that his soul was like, “Peace! I’m outta here.” She’s really getting into this whole spiritual thing. She’s also still coughing and that horrifies me.

Rachel is out of bed and sort of talking but she finally realizes that she won’t be anything like she used to be. It’s actually really, really, really sad.

Favorite Thing:
I’d like to say that it was hard to choose this week but I have to once again give my favorite moment to the Hendrix Family.
Experimentation Becomes Formalized, Complex, And Costly On Orphan Black

Credit: Tumblr

From them making soap and packing up drugs in their garage to Alison throwing suburban shade on the streets and blackmailing these women, it was all good.

How did you guys like the episode? Have a favorite moment? What about Mark, did they really kill another male clone? I vote no because if I don’t see a body, it didn’t happen. Hit up the comments with your thoughts and feels and enjoy the trailer for next week’s episode, “Newer Elements of Our Defense.”

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