Emily Makes A “Plea” This Week On Revenge

Credit: ABC/Danny Feld

Revenge’s penultimate episode comes with some great reveals and explanations that we’ve been waiting for for a while, setting us up for the series finale that will, no doubt, leave us in tears.

This week kicks off with a trial we never saw coming. Revenge has put many characters on the stand, but Amanda Clarke? Who saw that coming?

Well, we did.

Amanda is ultimately put on house arrest as probation, which is pretty good for someone playing with fire. You know, being an alleged murderer and all.

Jack, of course, is on her side – in a way that makes our hearts swoon. Amanda confirms that, yes, she tried to stop him from getting on that plane and that, yes, she wants to be with him. A lot. Basically, she’s fighting for him and her to have a chance. Then they almost kissed.

Then, we died. Multiple times.

Send help.

Anyway, good things only last so long, considering Amanda/Emily/whatever you want to call her can’t stay put. With the help of her tech whiz best friend, Amanda is out hunting down Mason for answers in no time. Unfortunately, Ben knows his ex-girlfriend a little too well, which causes him to catch Amanda sooner rather than later, landing her in jail yet again.

We have no other words for Ben, other than “ugh.”

Although, the police officer does serve a purpose when Amanda summons him to her cell to have a little chat. After managing to force Margaux into unwillingly being her prison neighbour, she strategically gets some valuable information out of Victoria’s accomplice. To be honest, we weren’t too sure if Victoria had help from anyone but Mason and it was interesting to see how Margaux played a role in the set up. Margaux may be evil, but she is one worthy villain and we love her for that.

Considering Ben has little reason to believe anything that comes out of mouth of the girl who broke his heart (cry us a river), he is quick to dismiss her story. Well, at least the story unveils to us what really happened. The only problem is, for Amanda to get out of jail, people other than us need to believe the story.

Luckily, it turns out that Louise kind of/almost believes the story. After crossing paths with Charlotte (WE MISSED YOU LITTLE GRAYSON), Louise manages to find her way into Victoria’s hotel room to sort through her things. Oh, and Charlotte won’t be attending her mother’s funeral. There’s that too.

Upon leafing through the hotel room, Louise finds herself face to face with Nolan. We know. Things aren’t going the way we wanted for #Lolan. The two spar a bit, Nolan trying to convince his ex-wife that her loyalty is very misplaced. It was nice to see Nolan soften towards Louise, understanding just how misinformed she is. After all, she’s the most impressionable of all of the show’s characters. He moves to embrace her and she kicks him out – again, this is not how we saw this playing out.

If these two never address their attraction to one another, we don’t know how we will deal.

After Nolan leaves, Louise comes across an item of clothing Amanda allegedly wore when she mauled Victoria in the parking lot. Hmmm. Maybe Victoria was up to something after all. The Southern Belle goes to Ben with the information, only to have Margaux convince her that Nolan planted the evidence for her to find.

Nice save Margaux. Louise needs to stop listening to you.

Ben makes some mistakes of his own when new advice leaning in Amanda’s favour leads him to crossing paths with GASP Victoria Grayson.

Which gets him killed.

It’s tragic really. That this didn’t happen sooner.

Victoria’s still alive, Amanda’s in jail, and Louise and Nolan refuse to admit their love for one another. 

And Amanda and Jack have still yet to kiss.

The series finale next week has a lot to sort out, and we can’t wait. But then again, we probably can. We’re not ready to say goodbye.

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues