Chris Pratt Gets His Goof On In Jurassic World Journals

Photo: Universal Pictures
Photo: Universal Pictures

I have a confession to make: I am weirdly obsessed with dinosaurs. Like, my favourite childhood movies were Land Before Time and, of course, Jurassic Park; I used to pretend I was a raptor when I was playing with friends when I was younger; I’ve just always loved dinosaurs.

This probably explains why, as the movie approaches, my utter excitement for Jurassic World is getting to the level of no return. This time though I’m not even just excited about the dinosaurs. Oh no, I’m also excited to see Chris Pratt in this world, because if Guardians of the Galaxy and Parks and Recreations taught us anything it is that there is nothing better than seeing Chris Pratt in action.

From what we have seen so far in trailers and clips released, Pratt is just what you would expect only in this he can also wrangle raptors. Sign me up for that class!

I’m definitely not the only person that knows Pratt is a huge selling point for this film (other than it being, you know, a Jurassic Park film). Universal Pictures has released four Jurassic World Journals all featuring Pratt behind the scenes while filming.

The four journals are called: Stunt, Slap Happy, Motorcycle, and Whistle. All the clips are exactly what you would expect, especially with Pratt in the mix; they are goofy while still making you really want to see what the final product is going to be.

Take a look at the four videos below:

It’s great right? The “Whistle” journal is my favourite because it involves raptors and laughs; my two favourite things.

There really isn’t long to wait now as Pratt along with Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, Irrfan Khan, Jake Johnson, Omar Sy, Judy Greer, and Nick Robinson come to a theatre near you in Jurassic World on June 12.

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