#AmellGetsRAW (Kind Of): Stephen Amell Comes Face-To-Face With WWE’s Stardust

Credit: WWE
Credit: WWE

It’s not a particularly well-hidden secret that Arrow’s Stephen Amell is a huge sports fan. Baseball, football, and hockey, especially now that he is filming for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 – Amell seems to enjoy it all.

The long list of sports might end with W – for Wrestling. Apparently he not only likes watching it, but is actually interested in participating! Time and time again he took to social media to express his wish in getting involved with the WWE.

Last year, he posted this on his Facebook profile: “Hey WWE: How do I host Monday Night Raw? I’ll wrestle and everything.“

He also created the Hashtag #AmellGetsRaw, which has been floating around the internet since then.

And the fans approve. In March the actor tweeted a picture of #AmellGetsRaw signs at a WWE show. Over the last couple of month many similar signs popped up all over the US at various shows. The WWE took notice by answering with a hashtag of their own creation: #WWEGetsAmell.

But so far these teases have been nothing but just that – teases. And then, during this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, we saw a familiar face in the crowd. None other than Stephen Amell himself was attending the show on Long Island at Nassau Coliseum. He may not have been in the ring (just yet!), but he came face-to-face with one of the company’s most eccentric characters: “Stardust” Cody Rhodes.

After the show Amell was invited backstage, for the first time, which had him “freaking out”. In an interview with the WWE, the actor said he was filming in New Yorkand decided to come up for the show. He also talked about meeting the wrestler Sting a while back in Philadelphia. The encounter had him “frightened”, but was a great experience. “The character that I’m playing now [on TMNT2] carries a baseball bat too, so we have a lot in common”, Amell joked.

Of course, Stephen also talked about his plans for the future and if they include any further appearances on Raw.

“I would love to eventually wrestle,” he admits. “But I would only ever wrestle if I could go away for like a year and train. And I know that that wouldn’t bring me anywhere near the level of a WWE Superstar, but I’d get like really good at six moves, and so I’d be a one-trick-pony. But hopefully it would be a pretty good trick”.

On the question whether he had a certain opponent in mind he said he had no idea. But it would most definitely not be Sting. If Stardust has any say in it, then he’d love to have Stephen back rather sooner than later it seems.

As someone who has been obsessed with wrestling and the WWE at a very young age (thanks to the ever-present influence of an older brother), this is a crossover dream come true. I would invest some serious money just to see Amell wrestle. Well, he didn’t even have to wrestle, guest-hosting Monday Night Raw would be just as good.

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