A Shocking Death Occurs This Week In Orphan Black’s “Certain Agony of the Battlefield”

Credit: Notey.com
Credit: Notey.com

Remember last week during our recap that I mentioned the rumor that episode seven of Orphan Black would be more stressful than episode six? Well, that rumor was too true! Let’s not waste anymore time talking about the stress and get to reliving it!

What Went Down
While the Hendrix family has been providing us all with a really great time this season, they seem to be completely disconnected from the group and everything that’s happening with Castor. If they were involved with Castor, though, we probably wouldn’t get to see things like this:

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This week, however, our favorite pharmaceutical entrepreneurs were looking to expand their business. Jason Kellerman is somewhat open to the idea because they are bringing in quite the haul. They’ll need something more than a soap business run out of their garage to do it. Alison is always on top of her game, however, and informs Donnie and Jason both that she intends to buy her mother’s soap store to use as a front.

Cosima and Shay seems to be moving along nicely, if you’re into that. With her staying at Shay’s, she’s been screening Scott’s calls, being late to work and apparently dreaming about Sarah. This has allowed Shay to even know that Sarah exists. Cosima, you’re getting sloppy and I still don’t trust Shay one bit. Luckily, Delphine makes her way back into down in this episode and she is not in the best mood. She knows all about Scott and Cosima’s secret experiments and research involving the Castor brain and Gracie Johanssen as well as Cosima’s consistent tardiness to work. Due to neither of them wanting to discuss anything with her, she decides to stick to the job and address the fact that Gracie’s blood work as well as the Castor brain they have, contain the same sort of protein that they need to continue researching. Oh, we also learn that the person who has been recording and photographing Cosima and Shay is indeed Delphine. Yikes.

Felix has officially had enough sitting around and decides to take matters into his own hands regarding Castor and Sarah’s whereabouts. He takes Gracie to Dyad for Cosima and Delphine but branches off from the group and decides to interrogate Rachel. He really screams at her and humiliates her but she knows nothing. In fact, she just wants to get out of that room and place. I’ve officially decided that I feel sorry for her.

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We also find out that she’s been taking up a little painting hobby and the subject of her paintings seems to be those crazy symbols that Ethan has written in his book he left for Kira and Cosima. That’s right, Rachel Duncan knows the code.

Paul found the Castor clones’ sex log journals last week and presents them to his Arlington contact who seems to be pretty horrified at the findings and possible ongoing experiments that Virginia is running. He tells Paul that if he can get him more evidence that Virgina is doing some unsanctioned research and experiments, they’ll be able to bring her in.

Meanwhile, Sarah is having experiments ran on her by Coady, involving her receiving units of Rudy’s blood. She seems to be having some sort of reaction to the blood, which includes some trippy hallucinations and dreams that include seeing her daughter and the late Beth Childs. Insert me crying here.

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Already suspicious of everything Coady has been doing, when Paul returns to see Sarah in such a dire state, he kicks his research up a notch. He teams up with the main doctor at the compound and Mark. He is able to find a way into Coady’s office where he makes quite the discovery. It appears that the Castor’s defect is contagious and well, if you sleep with a Castor, you’re about the get some sort of crazy STD. Paul also finds out that this defect sterilizes women and Coady’s endgame to all of her experiments is to isolate that defect and weaponize it. With that, Paul has all the evidence he needs and takes over the Castor compound, holding Miller and Coady in a room until the extraction team sent by the Arlington guy gets there.

Unfortunately for Paul, his Arlington contact is in cahoots with Coady and once he realizes that, he knows what he has to do. He gets Sarah out of there but not before he is severely wounded by Miller. Don’t worry, Paul kills Miller. Instead of escaping with Sarah, Paul tries one last time to tell Virginia to cure the boys and forget about weaponizing their defect. Mildly offended at such a suggestion, she shoots Paul multiple times in hopes to take him out and preserve all of her research on the compound. Too bad for her, he actually figured this would happen and upon taking his final breaths, he drops a grenade in the research lab and kaboom!

Things That Are [Probably] Important
While Helena is escaping in the desert, she eats Pupok. RIP Pupok.
Paul actually never loved Beth but he actually loved Sarah. #Cal4Ever
Virginia states that she didn’t put the defect in Castor, she just discovered it which means there is yet another team of shady people out there that we’ll need to find.
Helena comes back at the close of the episode and gets Sarah.

Favorite Thing
Paul wasn’t exactly my favorite and calling this my “favorite thing” probably isn’t the best wording. It would be wrong if I didn’t give Paul Dierden and Dylan Bruce a shout out for taking one for the team and giving one hell of a performance.

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Taking his life this way has definitely set back everything for Castor, however, I’m more interested in seeing how Sarah and even Rachel react to this loss. Only time will tell!

Next week doesn’t look as stressful but looks quite good all the same! Check out the trailer for “Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate” below!

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