A New Chapter Starts Now: Arrow’s Marc Guggenheim On What’s To Come In Season 4

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

After last night’s twisty and turny Arrow season finale, the whole world is wondering: what happens next? Unfortunately, we will have to wait quite a while for answers. But that also means we have the whole summer to prepare for it. While I have shared my own guesses for season 4 in my “My Name is Oliver Queen” episode recap, it’s time to get some clues from the masterminds behind the scenes.

One of the things that broke our hearts during the finale was Diggle’s obvious rejection and anger regarding Oliver and his choices. As one of the most important dynamics on the show, we were hoping these two would just hug and make up, and continue to fight injustice but instead we had Diggle turn his back on Oliver.

“It’s pretty well and truly damaged,” said executive producer Marc Guggenheim about the Diggle/Oliver relationship. “It’s so damaged that we didn’t feel like it could be resolved in one episode, as that would minimize the very serious problems that Dig has with Oliver’s choices. We’ll be seeing the ramifications of this into season four.” So come season 4, the issues between Oliver and his best friend won’t just magically disappear, they’ll have a lot of work to do.

Marc Guggenheim also talked about Ray and his transition over to the spin-off, Legends of Tomorrow: “Ray’s final scene gives you a pretty good indication as to where he’s headed in Legends as a character.” The last time we saw Ray Palmer he was working on his ATOM suit, specifically on the ability to shrink. Unfortunately, he blew up the top floor of Palmer Technologies, a blast that surely must have killed him. But fret not, no one stays dead for long in Arrow land (except for Colin Donnell, apparently). So while we are 100% sure Ray will be back, the final question is now: How?

We all had our suspicions that Damien Darhk is more than just a ghost from Ra’s al Ghul’s past, and Marc Guggenheim practically confirmed them: “It feels like we’re pulling a True Blood or a Sons of Anarchy where the big bad for the following year is tied up in the season finale of this year, so that’s kind of exciting for me because that’s something we’ve never seen before.” Mister Darhk is getting ready to haunt our heroes and turn their worlds upside down…

And we are getting ready for a long, boring summer. What will we do now that our Wednesday nights have opened up?

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