4YE The Daily Four: The May 31st Edition

4YE's The Daily Four: The May 28th Edition

Welcome back to The Daily Four, and it is the last day of May already! We’re bringing you four of the biggest stories in pop-culture today with a drop of that 4YE magic!


John Newman To Premiere New Single On 1st June: British singer/songwriter John Newman is set to debut the first single from his upcoming album this Monday (June 1st) on Capital FM at 8am (UK). The “Love Me Again” star has shared several videos on his social media of what appears to be the making of the upcoming record, and it looks like he had a blast! Without giving away too much, Newman stated that the record has “better grooves” and “better basslines” and was inspired by the sun with a more American feel. We can’t wait to hear it!


Foxes Has Broken A World Record In Gigging: Ever wondered who holds the record for most concerts played in 12 hours in as many different locations as possible? That would be Foxes! The chart-topping singer can now add the world record to her already impressive list of achievements in her young career after playing 7 concerts in 7 different locations in 12 hours with the last show ending at 11 hours and 59 minutes! The criteria for breaking the record were fairly straight-forward: the singer had to perform each show at least 50km away from each other, and each performance had to be at least 15 minutes. Of course, it also had to be completed in under 12 hours! Why did she do it, you ask? It was all a successful attempt to raise money for cancer charity, Trekstock. You go, girl!

7 Foxes gigs, in 7 locations, in 12 hours
Credit: Foxes


Nathan Kress Engaged To London Elise Moore: Prepare for an adorable proposal story and also prepare to feel a little old. That cutie that played Freddie in iCarly is 22 and as of the 29th of May, engaged! The actor shared a gorgeous photo of the proposal which took place on an overlook in LA beside a vintage convertible and a cute little candlelit table. The photo was captioned, “She said ‘Heck yes.'” Moore followed up with pictures of her engagement ring soon after, which was chosen by the couple and purchased at the same jewellery shop Nathan’s mother bought her wedding ring from. Major congratulations to the happy couple!


Bruce Jenner To Be On An Upcoming Cover Of Vanity Fair: Bruce Jenner has recently landed her first photoshoot and magazine interview as an openly transgender woman with Vanity Fair. Jenner was photographed for GQ and Sports Illustrated in the past but will now feature on a very different kind of magazine in a very different context. Her stepdaughter, Kim Kardashian spoke highly and in support of Jenner with Access Hollywood, revealing that her new look is “beautiful, really beautiful”. The cover will undoubtedly be one of the most highly anticipated in recent years and is most likely going to be available around July 26, the date that Jenner’s 8-part documentary series About Bruce premieres.

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