4YE The Daily Four: 30th of May

Photo: Christopher Pledger/The Guardian
Photo: Christopher Pledger/The Guardian

Welcome to 4YE’s The Daily Four where we’ll be giving you four of the biggest and/or most gripping pop-culture stories of the day in delicious, bitesize chunks. Let’s dig in!

Zoella Confirms She Is NOT Taking On Xtra Factor Presenter Role: Rumours that Zoella, a vastly popular beauty guru from the YouTube community, was going to take over as a presenter for The Xtra Factor have been crushed. The vlogger, who has earned over EIGHT MILLION YouTube subscribers took to Twitter to laugh off claims that she would be snatching Sarah Jane-Crawford’s presenter role. She Tweeted: “I don’t know where this as come from? I’m definitely not” followed by a laughing emoji and a link to a comment made by a fan claiming that she was taking the job. Looks like this queen of the internet will be staying on our computer screens and not moving to our TV screens!

Kim Kardashian Slays Critics Who Question Her Ability: Like her or not, Kim Kardashian has become a hugely successful businesswoman and trendsetter; and she wants to make sure her critics know that! Despite somehow making a disgusting amount of money out of a fashion line, a book of selfies and a smartphone game, the reality TV goddess is still bombarded with hate. Speaking to Access Hollywood Live, Kim K stated that she doesn’t pay too much attention to her haters and gets more fed up when people ask what exactly it is that she does. She says that she responds by saying, “I’m here working, aren’t I? Like, I’m here to promote something… Why don’t you do this, tell someone else to do everything that I’ve done in my career and see if they end up where I’m at. Try it, just try it! I dare you.”

Lindsay Lohan Finally Off Probation For The First Time In Over 7 Years: After what has been a very turbulent seven years for this former child star, many of us are so relieved to hear that Lindsay Lohan is no longer on probation! Court documents describe Lohan as “responsible and professional” along with LA Superior Court Judge Mark Young closed her reckless driving case. Hopefully this is the last time we hear of Lohan running into trouble with authorities – we want to see her starring in the next big movie!

Big Brother UK’s Biggest Twists Ever? Four Out, Four In!: Big Brother UK upped its game this evening during a live episode which saw a total of four housemates evicted in one night and four brand new housemates thrown in. The tension and shock in the house was marvellous to watch as contestants lost some of their closest friends in the house and watched them being replaced with four strangers. Before they could even process and grieve the loss of twins Amy & Sally (who counted as one housemate), Sarah, Harriet and Kieran, the gobsmacked housemates were forced to try and welcome four new housemates: Sam, Marc, Harry and familiar face Simon, who was shockingly evicted on the first night. There has already been news of arguing and tension between new housemate Marc and original housemate Danny just one hour after the twist took place. Things are about to get really uncomfortable in that house…

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