Who Cracked Under “The Weight Of Combination” In The Season Three Premiere Of Orphan Black?

Credit: Lockerdome
Credit: Lockerdome

Is everyone still reeling from Saturday’s season three premiere of Orphan Black? I know that I am! As usual, the show came back with laughter, tears, suspense and more! Let’s not waste anymore time and talk about the episode!

What Went Down
All of the clones are alive and at least 25% well. Helena is still being held captive by the military and has been reacquainted with an old friend in the form of a talking scorpion. Cosima is still ill, but is ready to do some science and save herself. Alison is still being a flawless soccer mom, amazing wife, and has found a new suburban enemy in the form of Marci Coates, her competition in the race for School Trustee. Sarah is on the hunt for Helena, trying to figure out anything and everything about the Castor clones, and hates Mrs. S for handing Helena over to Paul, Castor, and the military. The clone that is probably in the worst shape, and I can’t imagine why, is Rachel. She took a pencil through the eye at the end of season two and has completely lost her eye as well as taken some severe damage to her frontal lobe. Luckily, Delphine has taken over her position at Dyad and is ready to help her recuperate.

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In her role as the new Rachel, Delphine is also dealing with keeping all of the clones safe while attempting to keep Project Leda in tact. This means that she won’t be able to continue her research with Cosima and Scott. This gives me a major case of sad face.

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Things continue to get worse because the sisters have caused quite the security risk and Topside is sending in a man named Ferdinand who Delphine describes as “a cleaner.” Delphine really needs help convincing him that all is well and makes a deal with Sarah to help with Helena, if she helps with this. With that deal, a meeting happens with Ferdinand, Delphine, Sarah posing as Rachel, and Alison posing as Sarah. It’s a pretty priceless scene.

Sarah isn’t really on the trust level with Delphine. She decides to try to help Helena on her own by setting up a private meeting with Ferdinand. It’s during this meeting that she finds out about the plan that the real Rachel originally had with Ferdinand which was to initiate a little something called Helsinki. Helsinki is basically what Dyad does to take care of situations they feel have gotten out of hand and in this instance, that would be Project Leda. Rachel was planning to eliminate all of her sisters with Ferdinand before she took a pencil to the eye. This plan is still in play and if everything goes his way, Ferdinand will have the Leda clones eliminated within 24 hours. Sarah doesn’t really know what to do and doesn’t want to blow her cover as Rachel. She decides to initiate some freaky sexy times with Ferdinand. Of course, this involves some consensual usage of a belt until Sarah takes it to the next level and attempts to just kill him right then and there.

Luckily, Delphine bursts in and saves the day once again. She yells at Ferdinand about screwing their product and is able to blackmail him into canceling Helsinki, which grants the sisters safety for now. After Ferdinand is escorted from the room, Delphine tells Sarah that while this was necessary to blackmail him, she needs to stand down and let her do her job. Sarah needs to help Helena the Dyad way because things are very sensitive right now.

Obviously we cannot wrap up the recap without discussing the other big players in the game: Project Castor. First and foremost, we see Rudy again. He is allowed to meet with Sarah and spends the entire time antagonizing her. He knows about all of her sisters, even some that she didn’t know about, as well as Felix, Mrs. S. and Kira.

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The next brother we see is the creepy, mustache-wearing Seth. He tracks down and beats up Mrs. S. in attempts to locate Duncan’s work. Unfortunately, Mrs. S. doesn’t tell him anything and he hits the road. The next time we see him, he’s breaking Rudy out of Marion’s basement prison. With the threats and killings that these two have already committed, I think it’s pretty clear that they’re going to be raising a lot of hell this season. Roll credits, y’all!

My Favorite Things
There were two things in this episode that I just couldn’t decide between. The first one being that AMAZING opening scene with the Clone Club party as Helena sees it. Due to the fact that this is Helena’s imagination and depiction of what her sestras look like, it’s an overload of cute.

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Delphine has taken quite the turn in this episode and while some of it is heartbreaking, I can’t help but be into this new Delphine. It appears that once she straightened her hair, she became a hardcore, bad-ass and I love that more than words can describe.

Other Notable Moments
Helena’s new scorpion friend sounds like a cracked out version of Marcel the Shell but as I’m sure you could have guessed, it’s played by Tatiana Maslany.

Donnie and Alison are the best couple in the history of forever and I will not be surprised if they kill Marci Coates. In fact, I support it.

The Castor clones are mean, mysterious, hot (with the exception of mustache) and Ari Millen has a fantastic bum. Though, nothing will ever take the place of the Jordan Gavaris’ rear on my screen.

Let us know in the comments what you thought of the massive season premiere, check out the trailer for episode two, “Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis,” below and join us back next week to discuss it!

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