Who Bares “The Devil’s Mark” On This Week’s Outlander?

Credit: Starz
Credit: Starz

Well this week’s episode of Outlander was filled with a lot of screaming and non-sensical accusations, but at least we got a lot of our burning questions answered. Unless you have read the book, which then you just got to watch one of the most epic and plot-twisty moments happen on screen!

Thieves Hole: The episode begins with Geillis and Claire in the thieves hole, where Claire confronts Geillis about killing her husband. Geillis of course does not deny it. The two are then dragged out of the hole and to court, to be tried for witchcraft. The townspeople are all too eager to condemn them both without trial. Instead of being forced to witness a screaming blood bath, however, Ned comes to save the day!

The Witnesses: Throughout the trial we are forced to hear the testimony of three main witnesses. Geillis’ obviously mistreated maidservant, the mother of the abandoned child “changeling”, and a man claiming he watched Geillis call lightning from the sky. Ned, being absolutely brilliant, turns all these arguments on their head attempting to save Claire from the fire. Claire does not help herself with her constant outbreaks, but things are still not looking too bad for the duo. Ned says as much.

Hole Part 2: After the trial the two are dragged back to the thieves hole where they reconcile their friendship. They discuss Geillis love for Dougal, the Jacobite cause, and her support for the Stuart prince. Claire makes a quote about dying for ones cause and wishing you had more lives to give. This causes Geillis to pause as those words are not meant to be uttered for thirty-three more years!

Trial Part 2: Day two of the trial we hear the testimony of my two least favorite people in any fictional universe. Laoghaire and Father Bain testify against the two. Laoghaire claiming that Claire has bewitched Jamie and that he was promised to her, while Father Bain renounces his ways and the crowd takes it that Claire has bewitched a man of God as well. The two are then dismissed among the mass of the absolutely insane townspeople and taken to a private room. Ned tells Claire to renounce Geillis and tell the crowds that she was under an enchantment. Claire, of course, refuses. Suddenly, Geillis turns on Claire.

The Truth: Geillis asks Claire “Why are you here?” She obviously knows that Claire has been lying about her origins. She even says as much, claiming that “If I’m going to die, if I’m going to burn as a witch, I need to know I’m dying for something. So tell me now and this time I want the truth!” Ah this scene is just too good! Claire confesses that it was an accident and she is not there to change anything. Resolving herself to her fate, Ned interrupts asking for the plan, Geillis response? “Looks like I’m going to a f-ing barbecue.” E-P-I-C-!

It’s Time: When it comes time for Claire to turn in Geillis to the people, she could not do it, instead condemning them and herself. The crowd loses it. Before they can drag Claire to her fate, Geillis tells her that it is possible to go back and the number 1968! I almost died here people, you do not understand. Claire then gets dragged to get beaten, but that does not last long because Jamie comes to her rescue. Thank effing god! Geillis then confesses to enchanting Claire and having the “mark of the devil”. Claire realizes that the mark is not from the devil but from a small pox vaccine. Her narration realizes she is not a witch, but a time traveler, like herself, from the year 1968!! Geillis is then abducted by the crowd. Her clothes pulled off to reveal her pregnancy. She is then taken to the stake.

Confession: Jamie and Claire escape far away into the forest, where Jamie asks Claire for the truth and states that he will believe her. Claire reluctantly starts spilling her guts, telling him about the standing stones, Frank, her journey thus far, and her time. Jamie tells Claire that he believes her and that there can be nothing but truth between them. The two then ride around the country for a few weeks, ending in some much needed sexy times. In the morning, he shows her where they actually are, the standing stones. Right when Claire is about to touch the rock, he pulls her away. The two say a tearful goodbye and we are left watching as Claire stares at her two wedding rings. That night we are shown Claire visiting Jamie. She tells him to take her home, to Lallybroch!

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