When Will We Party On Once Again? Keanu Reeves Remains Cagey On Bill & Ted 3

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Seeing Bill and Ted back up on the big screen in a whole new adventure could finally be a lot closer.

Only six months ago star Keanu Reeves was being extremely vague in his comments over the current status of the film, “We’re closer, but no closer… We’re like closer to the dough, but not closer. We’re closer to the script but we’re not closer. We’re closer, but we’re not closer. But we’re still trying to get close to be… there.” (Ah, thanks Keanu) In a recent interview, he brought back that dreaded “c” word, but this time it sounds a bit more promising.

“We’re a little closer. We’re a little closer,” he explained to IGN while promoting his new flick John Wick. “There’s now talk of contracts and maybe paying the writers to go and write. There might be some support for making the picture.”

There’s still quite a lot of ambiguity in those statements and it appears that not a lot of movement has taken place, especially if there is not yet a script to even work off.

Everyone knows of the story of the boy who cried wolf. Is Bill & Ted 3 another example of this? The sequel has now been in “serious” discussion (i.e. confirmation that a sequel was in the works back in 2010, where it was reported that though script ideas had been kicked around over the years, they had finally come across one they were interested in doing and that writing was underway. Given five years has now almost passed and the last film outing for the franchise hit the cinemas almost a quarter of a century ago, you have to wonder if the rumoured sequel will ever come about, as well as if it should (yes, looking at you Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull).

But thinking back on the two hilarious films we do have of the troublesome duo, which was Reeves’ favourite? “I think the first three-quarters of Bogus Journey are pretty great. But you can’t have that without the first one, right? And the first one is so naive and sweet, and the second one has… I mean love evil Bill and Ted. They’re pretty funny.”

So we are apparently ever more “closer” to a new film, but nothing set in stone just yet. Now if only we could encounter a traveller from the future who happens to have with him a time machine…

Until then, party on, dudes!

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