“Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis” In This Week’s Orphan Black

ORPHAN BLACK (series 3)
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I cannot believe we are already finished with the second episode of Orphan Black for the season! Why does this show fly by at insane speeds!? Last week was an amazing opener for the third season that had a lot of angst, drama, Delphine, laughs, and feels. The same could be said for this week, except for Delphine, so let’s get to the business and talk about what happened on “Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis”!

What Went Down
Let’s start with Felix. This poor guy is dealing with it all. He’s got the drama of having his loft turned into a permanent Clone Club meeting ground, balancing the drama between Mrs. S and Sarah; watching Kira from time to time, keeping all of the sestras updated on one another’s well-being and now we see that he’s also been tasked with getting them new phones! They’re blue now, by the way. Felix’s main role in this episode involves Mrs. S and getting her back on track to help Sarah. In order to do that, they need help with Castor and Felix knows that Mrs. S has the resources, or shady friends, to help with that.


The impact of the possibility of losing Sarah or Kira has been pretty severe on Mrs. S, so she really has no choice but to listen to him at this point and she does. Thank goodness for this because seeing her and Sarah fight kind of makes me feel like someone to just kicking my heart all over the floor.

The Castor Clones and certain military personnel made quite the impression this episode. First, a recently freed Rudy and Seth decide to share a sexy time with an unsuspecting woman who is 100% not down with the twin thing. I suspected that something was a little off between these two and well, let’s just say they’re like a PG-13 version of Cersei and Jaime Lannister.

After their night of being creepy and weird, Paul shows up to perform some sort of test on Rudy and Seth. They are required to answer a number of riddles that shows how they are functioning and their thought process, I suppose. While Rudy does great on this, Seth has a lot of trouble and seems to be doing something called “glitching” during his. Paul notices that something is wrong but being a good boyfriend brother, Rudy tells him that he’s just tired of a night of drinking. Paul let’s it slide and gives the two men their new orders which require them to return to the base, at their mother’s orders. That’s right, THEIR MOTHER.

Before returning to their supposed mother, Rudy and Seth head over to Felix’s loft so Rudy can snoop around while Seth keeps watch. Rudy finds himself in a position where he’s with Kira and Sarah, holding Kira at gunpoint, demanding that Sarah tell him any and all information that the Duncan’s had or told her about Castor or Leda while he was alive. Obviously Sarah doesn’t tell him anything about Duncan but she also decides to take the approach of loving brother and asks him about caring for Seth. She knows that he’s looking out for his brother and that he’s possibly sick. This takes Rudy by surprise but before he can do anything, a noise from downstairs startles everyone. As I mentioned before, Seth is downstairs keeping watch while Rudy scares everyone. Unfortunately for him, Cal shows up. Before any physical altercations can take place, however, Seth begins glitching and quickly finds himself on the floor, screaming. Caring more for his brother than about Sarah and Kira, Rudy let’s Kira go and races to Seth’s side. Instead of getting him and taking him some where for some help like I thought he’d do, Rudy ends up shooting Seth dead and leaving. RIP Seth.

Now that Sarah has seen what Rudy can do, she realizes that it’s time for her to take the advice of Mrs. S, Felix and even Paul, and separate herself from Kira. It’s a sad moment since we all know it hasn’t been THAT long since they were actually reunited. It’s definitely for the best though. Cal is will be taking care of her and upon their departure, Sarah tells Mrs. S and Felix that it’s time to end this. She means business!

Notable Moments
Helena meets the Castor Clones’ “mother” and she is scary. She tries to convince Helena that she cares about her and her sestras do not. Basically I hate this woman.

Alison is hellbent on taking down Marci Coates and becoming the new School Trustee so that her children won’t have to go to school in “the ghetto,” so her and Donnie have stumbled upon a little opportunity involving her old dealer, Ramon. Ramon is going to college and Alison decides to capitalize on that by offering to buy his gun and pills business from him. With this new business endeavor, she’ll be bringing in some much needed money as well as the votes due to the fact that the majority of Ramon’s clients are soccer moms.

Cosima seems to be doing better and better each week which is fantastic but she’s had a bit of a change when it comes to what to contribute her healing process to. She’s all for the science but ever since she had that out of body experience, she’s admitted that she’s open-minded that maybe there is something else helping out as well. She’s a little more spiritual these days.

Mark is still hanging out with Gracie. It’s not clear if someone has contacted him or not but the only thing we see him doing this episode is him burning off his tattoo that connects him to this brothers.

Favorite thing
My favorite thing this episode was Donnie Hendrix.

All of his lines and scenes were hilarious, amazing and hilarious again. The situation he finds himself in with Alison now is sure to only bring more hilarity to the front lines.

Another crazy week on Orphan Black! I really didn’t expect to see Seth leave us this quickly but hey, maybe another Castor clone will enter! His glitches are also a huge note of concern for me that raise a few questions. Are these glitches the equivalent to the illness that the Leda clones get? I can’t wait for find out!

What did you guys love or not love about this week? Anything you’re especially looking forward to in the episodes to come? Let us know in the comments! Until then, enjoy the trailer for next week’s episode, “Formalized, Complex, and Costly”!

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