The Good Ol’ Days Does Disney: Why Pluto Deserves Your Love

Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

Ah, Pluto. No, I’m not talking about the star/planet that was declassified and is still licking its wounds; I’m talking about Mickey’s dog.

Adorable, lovely, over excitable Pluto who somehow always gets overlooked. Probably because he can’t talk. I’ve never quite understood why he and Goofy are both dogs, yet Goofy walks upright, wears clothes and talks yet Pluto doesn’t. All that said, Pluto still seems smarter than Goofy so maybe he wins out in the end.

Pluto made his debut in 1930 and is officially a mixed breed dog. He is Mickey’s pet and forms part of the “Sensational Six”: the biggest stars in the Disney universe (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto).

On that basis, I guess he is not ignored, and he did have his own series for a time, but even so, I often feel like Pluto is wrongly tagged on to things when he should be an integral part of the gang.

He is fiercely loyal to his master, Mickey, which is why a lot of their cartoons together involve Pluto getting jealous when a new pet comes along. Mickey often gets annoyed at him. In fact, have you noticed that Pluto seems to be the only character Mickey vents at? It’s not unusual for him to send Pluto to the kennel in the yard until he has a change of heart and lets him back in; always telling him: “I couldn’t be mad at you.”

I like to think the reason Mickey only shows his annoyance and anger to Pluto and not to anyone else is because he feels like he can truly be himself around his faithful and trusty dog.

Mickey is lucky to have such an adorable pet, and we are lucky to have him in the Disney universe. We need to see more Pluto-centric Disney shorts, and more episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse where Pluto is the main focus.

He is always happy, always eager to please and he is just completely adorable. Love him, because you can be sure he’s loving you.