The Cosplay Force Is Strong: Cosplay Highlights from Star Wars Celebration 2015

Credit: Stephanie Coats
Credit: Stephanie Coats

Cosplay is a stable of every pop culture convention. It’s one of the many pieces of the perfect convention in fact and certainly one of the most recognizable facets of geek life. So spending four days at Star Wars Celebration, you would expect to see a lot of pretty cool costumes. Of course there’d be stormtroopers and Darth Vaders and Jedi. There’s also a weird love/obsession with Boba and Jango Fett and a variations of both.

If you think Star Wars fans are so simple, then think again. Yes all of these aforementioned characters were well represented, but in such painstakingly accurate costumes they put others to shame. Other fans went even further and mashed genres together, like the troupe who cosplayed as X-Men as Star Wars characters or zombie stormtroopers.

The Cosplay Contest showcased some of the best costumes around and still managed to only hint at the number of outstanding cosplayers in attendance.

Here’s some of the best all around cosplay from Star Wars Celebration 2015.

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Stephanie Coats