That’s So Fetch! Mean Girls is Becoming a Musical


Credit: Tumblr

Jeff Richmond, composer extraordinaire and husband of Tina Fey, can definitely sit with us. In a new interview with Billboard, Richmond revealed that he hopes to make headway on the musical adaptation of Mean Girls throughout the summer.

Mean Girls quickly gained a cult following when it was released in 2004. I, along with many other girls in their twenties, have the movie to thank for certain quotes that still seem too good to be true. Example: “She doesn’t even go here!”

The production staff includes Fey, who wrote and starred in the movie; Richmond, a noted composer; and Nell Benjamin, a Tony-nominated lyricist. With geniuses like them behind the adaptation, I would feel perfectly safe doing some weird trust fall exercise.

Credit: Tumblr

I am a self-proclaimed musical theater nerd and snob, so when I heard that Nell Benjamin was on board, I cried a little. For those of you who may not recognize her name, she is one of the brilliant minds we can thank for Legally Blonde: The Musical. The fact that she is collaborating on this musical adaptation is a huge deal. I am already giddy.

While the musical is a work in progress, Richmond said, “We definitely want to see some kind of shape by the end of the summer.”

So who decides which of our favorite lines make it in the musical? That is still in debate. It seems that they are starting large and paring it down from there. Richmond acknowledged the team is still at the drawing board on certain ideas: “The most difficult part of the process is determining, ‘What are your best song ideas, and what do you leave alone as dialogue?’”

What, indeed? Will “That’s So Fetch” be our new favorite song a few years from now? Or will we hear an awesome rendition of “I’m a Cool Mom,” hopefully sung by Amy Poehler?

Richmond continued, “With that in mind, we know that 60 or 70 percent of [the ideas] will go away when we start bringing in real singers and actors. We’ll do a lot of rewriting.”

At this point, I don’t know if I have any more words to describe how ecstatic I am about this news. I’m mostly making incoherent squealing noises. I have no complaints so far, and I can’t wait until the end of summer, which will hopefully lead to some more news.

Are you as excited as I am, or could you care less? Let us know below!


Abby Bertrand