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I am currently struggling to find words to describe last night’s episode. How this was not a season finale is beyond me. Again and again, Arrow delivers an hour of quality television on a Wednesday night. Judging by their constantly fast paced and incredible storytelling, I don’t doubt the finale will blow us away. But let’s get back to “The Fallen.”

Saving Thea
After last week’s vicious attack on the younger Queen sibling, Oliver finds her bleeding out in their apartment and takes her to the hospital, but it seems that only the Lazarus Pit can save her. In exchange for the “magic hot tub,” Oliver has to take his place in the League. As Malcolm predicted, the Pit has a certain effect on Thea, as she suffers from temporary memory loss among other things. By the end of the episode it seems like Thea is a little more like herself, but what long term repercussions the Lazarus Pit has on her mind and consciousness will hopefully be explored in the next few weeks. Willa Holland’s performance as Thea continues to surprise. Her development this season has been so fundamental, and I can’t wait to see where it may lead her. So, Oliver saved Thea, but was it worth the price he paid?

Giving In
It’s incredibly ironic that it is Ra’s al Ghul who delivers the final push that Felicity needed to finally give in to her feelings for Oliver. Let’s talk about the sex. I doubt these two have ever been as honest with each other as they have in this episode. Especially as Felicity finally spoke up about how she felt. To both of them it was about more than relieving that incredible sexual tension they have been dealing with since day one. (Not to mention that it was incredibly hot.) They were completely vulnerable with each other and even though it was meant as a goodbye, it felt a lot more like a beginning than an end. Those two are just getting started, mark my words.

Taking Control
Felicity has always been brave, but this episode she has gone above and beyond to save the man she loves. She is the heart of this Team and her passion is contagious. It is also what gives her strength. She might be smart and uses her brain to her advantage, but ultimately she fights with her heart. But as she drugs and basically kidnaps Oliver, she proves once again that she is not the innocent little hacker people believe her to be. She moves in a morally grey zone and, to quote Oliver, I love her all the more for it.

Becoming Al Sah-him
After the Team tries to escape Nanda Parbat unsuccessfully, Oliver declares himself heir to the Demon to save them. And if his growled “You will obey” didn’t impress you (or at least turn you on a bit), I don’t think you can be helped. Oliver learns that he will have to give up his life as Oliver Queen and entirely become the Arrow, an assassin and successor to Ra’s al Ghul. He has to leave his identity and everything he cherished behind. But this is only the beginning of Al Sah-him. Next week’s episode will focus more on Oliver’s transition.

Oliver and Malcolm’s shared grief –I just wanted to hug both men as they cried for Thea.
Felicity and Ray are dunzo – they were sweet and I do feel bad for Ray. He is just too sweet and handsome to be sad.
The Jet scene – Amell’s favorite scene is definitely one of mine too. He is opening up more and more, which can only be good for him.
Father to Father – as Diggle confronts Maseo about his involvement with the League, we learn that his son Akio has died.
The Lazarus Pit – I’m still undecided whether I am impressed or disappointed.
Felicity faces Ra’s – and “Boss Ass Bitch” is playing in the background. Not really, but it should have.
Oliver tells his friends goodbye – especially Diggle’s farewell had me in tears. Those two.
The Omega/Alpha is destroyed – so maybe now we can move on from it, that particular story arc is quite dull.
Yes to female friendships! – I want more of them on Arrow. Felicity and Laurel, Thea and Felicity, Laurel and Nyssa, More, please.
Al Sah-him is born – Stephen Amell looks pretty fantastic in that new costume.

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