“Public Enemy” No. 1: Oliver’s Secret Is Revealed On This Week’s Arrow

Photos: the CW
Photos: the CW

In a preview of tonight’s episode, Arrow showrunner and writer Marc Guggenheim had already promised that the show would never be the same again. But did he make good on that promise?

Let’s see what happened during “Public Enemy”:

Starling City vs Team Arrow
This episode most definitely held some surprises. Where do we even start? Ra’s al Ghul kidnapping Detective Lance and telling him that Oliver Queen is the Arrow? It’s about time Quentin learned the truth. For a detective, he did a poor job at finding out this particular secret. Who are we to judge? That poor man has been through enough. Or how about Lance’s press conference, in which he reveals Oliver’s secret to the public? Or Oliver turning himself in, when literally everyone thought he would just take the Demons offer and leave for Nanda Parbat? What we do know is that Oliver will most definitely not go to prison, but the effects of tonight’s episode do change the course of the show. He can’t return to Starling as a free man. What does the big reveal mean for the members of Team Arrow? It also changes the way people see the Oliver Queen persona. I am anticipating this particular fall-out. Let’s hope we do not have to wait for season four to see it play out.

Arsenal to the Rescue
We also can’t forget about those last few seconds, in which Roy dons the suit and takes the fall by proclaiming he is the Arrow. Yes, let’s talk about Roy. We have seen many sacrifices in the last three years on Arrow, but this one had to be the most selfless. Roy had no reason to take the blame for Oliver’s crimes. Oliver has become less of an idol and more of a partner, maybe even a brother figure for Roy. The Roy we met at the beginning of the series would have laughed and turned his back on Oliver. While we do not know if Roy’s little display will work in favor of Oliver or not, we should definitely acknowledge how much our Arsenal has learned and grown. Slow clapping and standing ovations.

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The Atom Takes a Break
With everything that has been going on in the streets of Starling City, Ray Palmer’s trip to the hospital has been pushed into the background quite a bit. Not even the threat of death or the weird nano technology that was used to save him could hold our attention long enough to actually care. In addition to that we already know he is fine, as he is spotted flying around Central City in the upcoming The Flash episode. Ray surprised the audience, along with Felicity herself by telling her those three little words – which she was not ready to hear. Poor Palmer.

The Return of Mama Smoak
This episode also meant the return of the fantastic Charlotte Ross as Felicity’s mother. Oh boy, Donna Smoak is a force to be reckoned with. From flirting with doctors and provocative dresses straight to hospital sex – we are always in for a ride. She also provided some advice for Felicity. She also elivered a truth bomb: it took her all of five seconds to realize her daughter was in love with Oliver Queen. The Smoak women also gave out some information regarding Felicity’s father. He does not sound like a good man, and not just for abandoning his family! He also seems to be in some kind of legal trouble as Felicity says he would probably “be arrested”. Who could he be? A ruthless killer, a drug lord, the head of the Russian Bratva? Only time will tell.

Hong Kong Revelations
In the previous episode, Flashback-Oliver ran into a young woman that looked a lot like Shado, who had died on Lian Yu a few months back. Turns out it was her twin sister, who believed Shado and her father were missing. After being attacked by Waller’s people and saved by Tatsu and Maseo, Oliver tells her that her family is gone. Celina Jade breaks our hearts all over again with a beautiful performance and only makes us miss Shado more. As always Arrow reminds us: do not get attached, everyone dies anyway and it will still hurt seasons later.

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Team Arrow vs League of Assassins – a perfectly choreographed fighting scene, as always.
Felicity “Actual Sunshine” Smoak – If I ever wake up in the hospital, send Emily Bett Rickards over.
“At least you finally have a boyfriend” – Mama Smoak … insensitive but adorable.
Oliver using Tommy as his fake name – His go-to, joked Amell. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.
Team Arrow supporting Oliver – As they storm the police station together as a team, our hearts break.
Lance confronting Oliver – heartbreaking, revealing and honest. But he kind of deserved that smack.

Favorite Quote
“Was it worth it? All that pain and misery you brought back from that island. Merlyn, Slade Wilson, Wouldn’t it be better if you just died there? […] I hate breaking it to you but saving people isn’t your specialty. Tommy, Hilton, your mother, my daughter. And now you’re set on killing Laurel too. […] You spent a year making me look like a fool. You spent a year making me your accomplice. Do you have any idea what you’ve done? What you have done to all of us, to the people you claim to care so much about. You made us criminals, you made us liars, and victims. You, Mr. Queen, are not a hero. You are a villain.”
– Detective Quentin Lance

Arrow returns with an all new episode April 15 at 8/7 ct on The CW

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