Peter Capaldi Surprises Young Whovians at the Doctor Who Experience

Credit: Doctor Who on Tumblr
Credit: Doctor Who on Tumblr

In case you have been living under a rock, Peter Capaldi is quickly emerging as the nicest, kindest, fan-oriented guy to ever wear the title The Doctor. A few lucky fans got to see this first hand when Capaldi made a surprise visit to the Doctor Who Experience.

As part of the celebration for the 10th anniversary of the revived series, the Twelfth Doctor showed up in character to pal around with some young Whovians at the Cardiff exhibit. He even helped them escape the deadly clutches of a Dalek and the titular creature from the “Mummy on the Orient Express” episode in season 8. The kids also got to ask The Doctor some delightfully sweet and surprisingly well thought out questions, which Capaldi answered in character as well.

A diehard Whovian himself, Capaldi even started to tear up during the Q&A when he mentioned The Doctor’s granddaughter Susan. The first iteration of the Time Lord traveled with Susan before eventually having to say goodbye to her and never returning, despite his promise to do so.

Since I’m a shameless Twelve/Clara shipper (aka Whouffaldi) I flailed a bit when he talked about how much he “loves” his current companion. This is the latest in a series of hints Capaldi and Jenna Coleman as well as showrunner Steven Moffat have been dropping about the relationship between The Doctor and Clara.
I recently wrote an opinion piece on why Capaldi was instrumental in reinvigorating my love for Doctor Who. This is the perfect example. The way he answers these questions and interacts with these young fans demonstrates how deeply he understands his character. His complete devotion to and joy for playing The Doctor never fails to make me smile. Check out the full video of his visit to the Doctor Who Experience.

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