No Excuses. No Apologies: First Trailer for OITNB’s Third Season Is Here

Photo: Emmy Magazine/Steve Schofield
Photo: Emmy Magazine/Steve Schofield

The ugly truth: most of us spent several hours a day on Netflix. The fantastic online-streaming service provides us with several movies or television shows. It brings us one step closer to social isolation as we sit in front of our TV’s or tablets – and we don’t even mind. And our favorite guilty pleasure show goes terribly well with wine and ice cream. Honestly, there are hundreds of reasons why we should be thankful for Netflix.

Orange is the New Black is most definitely one of them. We have quickly fallen in love with our ladies over at Litchfield Prison. We have spent several sleepless nights binge-watching the show to follow the lives of our unique characters, and we are so not sorry. That is also the theme of the first trailer for OITNB’s third season.

Right away we are teased with new characters, who seem too optimistic for a place like Litchfield, but are hopefully more likeable than last season’s addition Vee. Even though we are promised “a whole new world”, apart from new inmates and a generally more upbeat atmosphere, everything seems pretty much the same.

Piper is still struggling with adapting to life in prison, especially now that former (?) lover Alex is back and Sophia is still the most fabulous person around. Daya and Bennett are still hot and then cold, yes and then no… All in all the women manipulate, conspire and fight their way through the all-female prison. Just another day at Litchfield.

My personal highlight is definitely Suzanne’s “pornographic” writing: “It’s not just sex, it’s love. It’s two people connecting. With four other people. And aliens.” Now that sounds like it’s been taken out of some pretty messed up fanfiction. Or a really bad pitch for a TV-show. I’d probably watch it. Suzanne is my favorite kind of crazy.

Now the only problem is, that we will still have to wait another two months for Orange is the New Black‘s third season. Mark your calendars, ladies and gentlemen. June 12 will be a day that I’m spending in front of the TV. Sorry, not sorry.

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