New Fantastic Four Trailer Introduces Dr. Doom

New Fantastic Four Trailer Introduces Dr. Doom
Credit: 20th Century Fox


There’s a new trailer for the upcoming reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise, and let me tell you…it doesn’t suck. It’s really hard to put out a trailer just days after that Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens one, but this one certainly holds its own.

We’re introduced, in a sense, to some of the characters. We get a little bit on Miles Teller’s Reed Richards, and some of Jamie Bell’s Ben Grimm, and even a little on the Storm siblings, played by Michael B Jordan and Kate Mara. More than that, though, we get a good sense of what the plot will encompass. It seems the young genius Reed Richards is able to open the door to another dimension, and it is decided that our four protagonists will be the ones to visit it. Upon returning, it becomes clear that they have each developed superhuman abilities and physical anomalies.

Most importantly, we get a brief glimpse of that villain of all villains, Dr. Doom, played by Toby Kebbell.

Image courtesy of Fox Studios

In this telling of the story, Dr. Doom is no longer Victor Von Doom, but Victor Domashev, an anti-social computer programmer. He does, however, appear to be wearing a version of the typical Dr. Doom costume. From what I can glean from this trailer, Domashev is with Sue, Reed, Ben, and Johnny when they travel to another dimension…and they leave him there, believing him to be dead. My assumption is that he wants revenge, and that is how a meek social outcast is morphed into the terror that is Dr. Doom.

Take a better look in the trailer below:

The nagging question I have is this: Why are we sending children into another dimension? Yeah, I know they’re probably all over 18, but still. It feels really, really weird to me. I hope we get a satisfactory explanation for that. We’ll find out when Fantastic Four hits theaters this August.