“High Sparrow” Causes Drama In This Week’s Game of Thrones

Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO

From Braavos to King’s Landing to Volantis, tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones covered a lot of ground.

Some of the shows’ biggest ground-shakers made their moves, leaving the audience wondering if some of the decisions made will lead our favorite characters to their doom. As any fan of the show will tell you, in the ultimate game of thrones, no one is safe, and every man must die.

For Arya, this episode introduced her to her future calling and training while Margaery got closer to her new husband (yes, she has wedded once more). As for fan favorite Tyrion, he got one step closer to meeting his future champion of the throne (or at least the one Varys thinks will take it all). In short, the wheels were set into motion as this season really got underway tonight full forced.

What You Need To Know:

Losing One’s Face: Arya, in this episode, found that being at the House of Black and White is not all that it’s cracked up to be. She has spent most of her time sweeping and is fed up. After asking many questions and getting nowhere, Arya finds herself being teased by one of the many servants of the house and almost loses her cool. Not Jaqen tells her that along with “All Men Must Die” that all men must serve, something Arya has yet to do. After nearly having a showdown with one of the servants, Arya is then confronted by Not Jaqen and tells him that she is ready to become no one. Not Jaqen rightfully tells her that she can’t be no one while she still holds onto her possessions. Arya tearfully decides to ditch all her possessions except for Needle, the sword Jon gave to her before departing for the Wall.

Sansa’s Dilemma: Sansa reaches the end of her journey with Littlefinger as she finally realizes what he wants from her. As it turns out, Littlefinger has betrothed her to Ramsay Bolton aka the son of the man who murdered her brother Robb. Sansa is devastated that Lord Baelish wants her to do this but he reminds her that this is her opportunity to seek vengeance for her family. That new color of Sansa must be getting to her because she agrees. As for Baelish, he seeks to use the marriage to form an allegiance with Lord Bolton as the Lannisters’ power is now waning due to the death of Tywin. Bolton doesn’t wholeheartedly trust Baelish though. Meanwhile, Brienne and Podrick close in on them.

Jon Snow Becomes Eddard Stark: Back at the Wall, the new Lord Commander of the Night Watch aka Jon Snow explains to Stannis that he is not going to fight with him as Jon Stark, though he really wants to as he has always wanted to be recognized as his father’s son. Stannis proceeds to write him off as weak but Davos tells Jon, perhaps the best way to defend the realm would be to take the North and rule it: “As long as the Boltons rule the North, the North will suffer.” Jon then faces some resistance from his brothers of the watch as one of them defiantly refuses to obey Jon’s orders, thus prompting Jon to show the man what happens to those who don’t fall in line. In a scene that echoes back to the pilot episode, Jon beheads the defiant brother to show that he will not have mercy on those who will not fulfill their duties.

Cersei Makes A New Alliance: Cersei finds that her power is waning in this episode; Margaery is now the Queen, and Tommen is completely under her spell after consummating the marriage most eagerly. Margaery justly cuts Cersei down as the Dowager Queen tries to overstep her boundaries, a move that leaves Cersei wondering how much time she has left at King’s Landing. Cersei finds herself though involved in other matters of the court. After a group of religious fanatics humiliate the High Septon, forcing him nude into the streets from a brothel, he seeks out Cersei for justice. She instead befriends the High Sparrow, a person she likely would have imprisoned in the past for causing such trouble, who is also the leader of the religious fanatics. They seem to form a bit of an alliance by the end of episode, and the Dowager Queen is definitely plotting.

Tyrion Can’t Catch Break: Varys and Tyrion finally reach Volantis, only after Tyrion makes noises about wanting to get out. The twosome end up at a brothel, where everyone seems to be a supporter of the Dragon Queen. Tyrion continues to voice his distaste for the Dragon Queen, which is unfortunately overheard by Ser Jorah, the fallen knight who once served Danaerys. While taking a piss, Tyrion finds himself being kidnapped by Jorah, who states he’s taking him to the Queen. Here’s hoping he means Khaleesi.

Quote of the Night:

“Welcome home, Lady Stark. The north remembers.” Maid to Sansa

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