Hanging With the Cool Kids: 4YE Takes On The Queen’s Rebellion

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We all love conventions, don’t we? Long days, like-minded people and a lot of fun. Sure the high prices, the special diet (granola bars) and the sleep-is-for-the-weak regulation might be a real downer, but it’s always worth it. Last weekend I had the chance to attend the first (unofficial) Arrow/The Flash convention in Germany as a volunteer.

There are many reasons why I prefer volunteering over just simply attending as a guest. For one you get to see behind the scenes, you get to follow what’s happening in the background, which I believe to be incredibly interesting. You also get to meet and work with a lot of different, interesting people.

What I truly enjoyed about the Queen’s Rebellion event in Frankfurt was its size. It felt incredibly intimate, and by the second day you knew almost every face in the crowd. I also got a chance to hang out with the attending cast and talk to them for a bit. The special guests for the QR were Arrow’s Paul Blackthorne (Quentin Lance) and Colton Haynes (Roy Harper) and The Flash’s Rick Cosnett (Eddie Thawne) and Greg Finley (Tony Woodward/Girder), and they are all incredibly charming. Not to mention devilishly handsome.

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In several panels the guests talked not only about their jobs (or in Haynes’ case “joblessness” as one lovely fan called it) and the TV-show they represented this weekend, but also a lot about their private lives, their hopes, dreams, and even their phobias. Cosnett, for example, is afraid of stick insects, while Haynes fears ghosts, spiders, people (he admitted becoming an actor might not have been his smartest choice), and the dark.

The panels revealed little to no spoilers for what’s to come on Arrow or The Flash. Paul Blackthorne explained that he had taken a picture of Willa for his Represent campaign but was not allowed to upload it because she was wearing something that had not yet been revealed on the show. A new wardrobe for Thea? Yes, please! And when I asked Cosnett to describe the Flash season finale in three words, he told me it would be “Absolutely Fucking Shocking”. Take from that whatever you’d like.

As a big fan of Alex Kingston I was happy when someone asked about her returning to the show. Blackthorne said he would love to have her back on Arrow, but in a different role. He wants Lance to finally get laid and that wouldn’t happen if his ex-wife was around. Getting a romantic interest for the Detective is definitely high on Blackthorne’s list of wishes for the upcoming season. Everyone is rooting for Mama Smoak.

Haynes talked about Roy’s departure from Starling City and promised that he is not leaving the show for good, he is just” taking a step back.” I’m guessing he will be checking in on his team mates every once in a while.

But Teen Wolf fans shouldn’t get too excited, Jackson is not coming back to Beacon Hills any time soon. Haynes said he’d like to take the time and spend it with his family, as he was missing out on too many big moments due to filming in Vancouver. He will continue traveling Europe with his brother during the summer, something he is extremely excited about.

Speaking of Teen Wolf, the 26 year old revealed that he and Holland Roden were initially only cast as extras but executive producer Jeff Davis asked them to stay. Thank God he did!


Sadly, another thing that seems very unlikely at this point is an Arrow musical. While everyone would love to do a musical episode, it is the Arrow himself, Stephen Amell, who is not on board. “Make it happen!,” Haynes demanded. Make it happen indeed.

My idea would be to grab everyone and do it on The Flash. Rick Cosnett has proven his singing talent several times throughout the last two days. A duet is definitely on my bucket list now, Rick. And it’s no secret that Grant Gustin can sing. Cosnett teased that he would have loved to see Eddie on Glee, his audition song would probably something sappy. He promptly gave a little rendition of “All by Myself”.

One bold fan asked Haynes whether he liked it to be called “Daddy” and what he thinks of the more aggressive tweets he receives. He doesn’t mind the nickname and thinks the tweets are hilarious, even the overly sexual and demanding ones. He is impressed how artsy some of them are (there might have been talk of sexual poems at one point). He doesn’t take it all too seriously. Haynes also talked about his excessive Halloween costumes, (if you didn’t see his Fiona costume last year, you missed out) and that he has something even bigger planned for this year – “You are not ready for it.”

A highlight was also Cosnett’s impressive German language skills. His favorite sentence was “Der Klodeckel ist speerangelweit auf”.

But apart from the panels I had a chance to get to know the guys a little while working and during a group meet and greet. We talked a lot about German Beer, which all four men liked (of course they did, take that Bud Light), TV-shows (Blackthorne has only seen the first season of Breaking Bad, I told him he is missing out, big time; Haynes was shocked no one in Germany is watching Empire), goofing around with co-stars (Haynes told me to tweet Tyler Hoechlin and tell him he snored) and life in general (Finley told us that he used to live in his car while trying to make it as an actor in LA and that those years had been the hardest of his life) and soccer, lots and lots of soccer – before, during and after the final photo op there was always someone checking the score regarding the match between Arsenal and Chelsea last night.

Generally, I could not have had a more fun and exciting weekend. I had a wonderful time, met wonderful people and generally the good moments definitely outweighed the bad. A big thank you goes out to the team at Alpha Events for having me, I’d love to work with them in the future. As you can see from our staff/cast selfie below, taken by the selfie king himself, Paul Blackthorne, who wouldn’t want to work with this bunch again?!

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