Girl Meets World Meets Some Familiar Faces In Season 2 Premiere!

Girl Meets World Meets Some Familiar Faces In Season 2 Premiere!
Credit: TV Line

Oh the joy! It is nearly time for Girl Meets World to return to our screens for its second season and boy, what a lineup it will be.

Because the Disney Channel love us, and because they know fans old and new really can’t get enough of the show, they have granted us a week long season 2 premiere. That’s right, we’ll be getting brand new GMW episodes EVERY NIGHT!

What’s more, the show have also revealed exactly when we can expect old favourites William Daniels and Will Friedle to return as Mr Feeny and Eric Matthews, respectively, and it’s sooner than you might think.

The beloved Mr Feeny, who was only seen once in season one at the end of the pilot, will appear in the first episode of the new season, “Girl Meets Gravity”, which will air on Monday, May 11. He will then appear again in “Girl Meets Pluto” on Thursday, May 14, along with Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter who, let’s face it, is always a welcome addition to the cast.

“Girl Meets Pluto” looks set to be an emotionally charged episode when the old gang dig up a time capsule from their childhoods and reminisce over their youth in Philadelphia. I’m tearing up at the very thought.

Meanwhile, Friedle will make his return in “Girl Meets Mr Squirrels” on Friday, May 15 when Cory calls on his elder brother to help resolve a feud between Riley and Maya.

I can barely contain my joy as I write this. For me, Girl Meets World is one of those shows that the whole family can really enjoy. I was a huge Boy Meets World fan, so I love seeing all the old characters returning to our screens. My daughter is 10, and wants to be just like Maya, and my two sons think Auggie is hilarious.

It is obvious that all the cast both old and new still adore each other, otherwise they wouldn’t be so keen to keep returning. The show is funny, informative and not afraid to deal with the emotions and issues that affect pre-teens of today. I am eagerly looking forward to season 2.