Game Of Thrones Show Us “The Wars To Come” In Its Season 5 Premiere

Game Of Thrones Show Us "The Wars To Come" In Its Season 5 Premiere

It’s back and better than ever.

After leaving us hanging for almost a year, Game of Thrones came roaring back onto our screens in its season 5 premiere. I, for one, am beyond thrilled to have the hit HBO drama to watch again as it always manages to leave me breathless.

The season premiere was no exception as it managed to shock me by the end and have me begging for more.

Since Game of Thrones has several plots going on at the same time, I’ll recap them individually as opposed to the order which they appeared on our screens during the episode.

Hold onto your daggers and swords, Throners, as this season looks like it’s going to be a doozy!

Game Of Thrones Show Us "The Wars To Come" In Its Season 5 Premiere

What You Need To Know:

King’s Landing Woes: Things are not okay at the Landing whatsoever. Tywin Lannister is dead, and Jaime and Cersei are rightfully fearing for their lives as their enemies gather up around them. Cersei has other worries though. As a child (shown in a flashback), she was told that she would be replaced as queen by someone younger, and it looks like that fortune is coming true as Margaery is wooing young Tommen Lannister. As for Margaery, she is currently plotting against Cersei, knowing that if Cersei stays in King’s Landing, she will never be in control as its queen.

In Pentos, Where We Plot: Tyrion has finally been freed from his crate from Varys but is none too happy about his current situation. In typical fashion, Tyrion has decided to drink himself to death rather than keep on living. Varys has other plans though. Varys has been secretly plotting for years to get Daenerys on the throne and needs Tyrion help to do so. Tyrion reluctantly agrees to go seek out the Dragon Queen, though he believes they won’t be successful.

Meereen Miseries: The Dragon Queen has her hands full. Last season, she locked up her dragons to keep her people safe, but there are other dangers in Meereen as it turns out. The people of Meereen are unhappy and want to return to some of their old customs, but Khaleesi is having none of that. After speaking to her lover, Daario though, the Mother of Dragons realizes that she no longer poses as a threat to everyone else lusting after the Iron Throne because she is dragonless. Daenerys, by the end of the episode, goes to seek out her dragons but has no luck in communicating with them as they are rightfully pissed off at their “mother”.

The Ayrie Loses A Stark: Sansa is taken away by Baelish from the Ayrie as part of a plot he has concocted. Quite surprisingly though, Sansa doesn’t seem to mind as she looks like she too is playing the game. Looks like our sweet Sansa is indeed gone.

The Wall Shows No Mercy: In typical Game of Thrones fashion, the premiere delivered a death, a cruel one albeit. Stannis wanted the Wildlings leader, Mance Rayder, to submit to his rule but Rayder declined, stating that all he wanted in life was the freedom to make his own choices. As a result, Rayder was sentenced to die by fire but was saved from the horrendous death by Jon Snow as he put an arrow through Rayder’s heart before the fire consumed him.

Everything else: The Unsullied are being killed by the Sons of Sun as a message to Daenerys. Brienne also dismisses Podrick from her services, apparently still bitter about losing Arya (who is MIA), and Stannis plots to take over Winterfell from the traitorous Lord Bolton.

Quotes of the Night:

“Who said anything about ‘him’?” Varys to Tyrion after the Lannister wishes him luck to a man fit to rule the Seven Kingdoms.

“I’m not a politician. I’m a queen.” Khaleesi

“The powerful have always preyed on the powerless. That’s how they became powerful.” Tyrion

“A dragon queen with no dragons. That’s not a queen.” Daario

Check out the promo for next week’s episode below!


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